dreaming of flying the wild flight of our real life

So much of our journey is learning about and removing the barriers between us and our soul. As long as people have been on this planet, we have been striving to live in connection with soul, to go forward with an open heart. Sometimes is seems much easier for me to go on automatic pilot, to give in to fear and limitation. Fear is my biggest challenge- not just fear by itself, because we all have fear. I get into trouble when I refuse to acknowledge the fear. I call it something else, deceive myself about why I don’t want to move forward. Sometimes I find that I am paying more attention to other people’s processes. I come back to my own journey when I remember that nothing is really about the other person. What I see in them, as I stand and stare, is actually something I need to learn about me. I am always being taught what I need to know for my journey……Melody Beattie

we have a built-in echo, a secret place of conspiracy between our heart & our soul…..can we really make our dreams come true?…….a little less tenacity, a little more breathing in the moment….may we come back to love again and again…..

a tinge of fear invites us to honor our spirit mirrored in our moods….

In our search for soul, it is important to bring along two things: humility and unknowing. This means being completely present with an open heart and open mind. This openness is not an absence of thought but, rather, a clear attentiveness to the moment. It is achieved not be effort but by letting go- giving up the need to be in control and dissolving our preconceptions of the way things ‘should be.’ All experiences that bring our minds into attentiveness, into the present, guide us on the path to our soul. Letting go becomes the gateway to creation, to generating soul……Benjamin Shield

2 thoughts on “dreaming of flying the wild flight of our real life

  1. Desire to know, Jung said most people will go to great lengths to avoid confronting their soul, one of the control mechanisms used in this world is promoting fear… People will give up even their own freedom to feel protected…

    • The paradoxical truth hurts as they say, yet truth is freedom….the simple act of naming a fear can be such a release….another reason to keep promoting the artists, the poets and the seekers…..thanks g.f.s…..

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