where we encounter birds & seasons & roots

clouds of our lives…..

If your mind isn’t clouded

by unnecessary things,

this is the best season of your life.


Our soul- with its insistence on finding the still point from which it keeps rising- carries us through the seasons of our lives. This still point under all that keeps moving waits under every season we can imagine. It is the silent center that keeps us sane. We all have different names for this immovable ground, but I call it spirit. Each passing year, we are asked to return to the ground of our spirit in order to go on. Each passing year, we are asked to listen like the seed for our crack of light in spring, to listen like the brook for our soft gurgle in summer, to listen like the leaf for our orange face in fall, to listen like the snow for a quiet place where we can powder down and rest……Mark Nepo

what is being harvested now? what is being buried for the winter? what is being discarded, of no use anymore? Is the still point clear enough for a brief moment so that the wind in the rustling leaves can be heard?

In the ancient alchemical picture, birds of spirit fly out of the tree of life. The son of Aeneas hands his father a branch from this tree as the father is about to make his journey into the underworld. This is a beautiful image of spirituality rooted, compassionate, full of life and relatedness where the soaring birds of spirit have an essential role to play in the larger scheme of things. They are part of the picture in which the human being bravely enters the underworld of the soul holding the branch of life. The birds, representatives of spirit, are part of a larger and more complicated scenario where life has both roots and branches. Spirituality finds depth in the descent into the soul rather than in flights of inspiration and enthusiasm. In this way it serves life, and the birds offer encouraging moments of bliss…….Thomas Moore

finding the birds in flight embedded in our stories…

I try, I try, I try to gravitate toward the positive emotions, and there are many God-given experiences and people.

Yet there is a motor in me that keeps vibrating,

sucking up the room, and at the same time

embracing the people who are in it.

…Anne Sexton

6 thoughts on “where we encounter birds & seasons & roots

  1. I’ve used the image of birds many time in my writing, perhaps only sensing the deeper symbolism… As above so below… We soar to great heights in the depths of the soul, the Spirit true give us wings. Persephone is preparing to return to the underworld….

    • Yes, we need wings to feel our strength as we dive down deep…..I have found myself drawn to birds and wings more in the past few years as well. I’ll share a poem of mine soon with a bird theme. Thanks g.f.s….keep soaring above & below…

      • Surely the daylight
        arises from shadows……
        A circle in life
        is what she feels setting
        there in the water
        draped in the clouds….

        It’s as if her wings could bring up the day and all the pain and then sweep it away with hope and another great whoosh of her wings in sky….never losing hope…..this poem expands the heart and helps us to see hew light g.f.s…..thank you so much….

  2. dear and divine ….. eternity is dancing on eternity like football in a game what we all call life ….. your creative writing depicts that life in most wonderful way…. love all.

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