the riddle of rest & redemption

The new work of art does not consist of

making a living or producing an objet d’art

or in self-therapy, but in finding a new soul.

The new era is the era of spiritual creativity-

and soul-making.

….Henry Miller

when we feel the momentum of our soul journey waning, it’s time to rest, not try harder….we learn this over and over our whole lives….giving ourselves permission to not fight another holy war is the paradox of the seeking life….

haunted and holy….

We are not born with guarantees that we will have strong souls. No, we must work on our souls, enlarging and expanding them. We do so by experiencing all of life- the beauty and the joy as well as the grief and pain. Soul work requires paying attention to life, to the laughter and the sorrow, the enlightening and the frightening, the inspiring and the silly. It’s been said that ‘God delights to watch the soul grow.’ Perhaps we were put here to expand our souls through the experiences of life. Silence and emptiness nourish the soul. Being still. Laughing. Putting oneself in the presence of beauty, grace, or empathy. Everything that is encouraging, no matter how difficult or trying, nourishes the soul…..Matthew Fox

2 thoughts on “the riddle of rest & redemption

  1. It is like unwrapping a gift, unfolding a love letter, or watching the spring bloom, so our soul reveals itself and we perceive it, sometime lightening bolts, other times fireflies and candlelight …

    • So beautifully stated, a poet’s insgihts…….soul discoveries are natural and subtle and kaleidoscopic and full of each moment…..thanks for the early morning poetic musings g.f.s….

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