the mundane nuance of spiritual sensibility

waiting in deep blue

Zen is not something to get excited about. Just continue in your calm, ordinary practice and your character will be built up. If your mind is always busy, there will be no time to build, and you will not be succcessful, particularly if you work too hard on it. Building character is like making bread- you have to mix it little by little, step by step, and moderate temperature is needed. You know yourself quite well, and you know how much temperature you need. But if you get too excited, you will forget how much temperature is good for you, and you will lose your own way. This is very dangerous. But when your practice is calm and ordinary, everyday life itself is enlightenment……Shunryu Suzuki

no grandiose mystical transformations…..rather an engagement with our living examination of all of it….in the muck with the ordinary ground of being, bright and beautiful and beatific in its own right…

this paradigm of the everyday allows for the broken bits….

I have lost so many, have lost so much, and each has been a breaking away, a letting go, the way clumps of earth that hold the river are worn free by the river. So the river of experience scours the small container that is our life deeper and deeper. A recurring dialogue between soul and self, between the center of my being and the center of my doing has become a way to check my course. In those rare moments of hard-won peace, my spirit asks, ‘Where are we?’ and my very busy self is forced to look up and break its stride and reassess a pilgrim’s progress. And from that simple, profound moment, I hold these utterances like oracle bones: ‘Why can’t I go Home? Where are we? I don’t know where we are. Neither do I.’…..Mark Nepo


A mind that is stretched by a new experience

can never go back to its old dimensions.

….Oliver Wendell Holmes

4 thoughts on “the mundane nuance of spiritual sensibility

  1. This just brought back a dream sequence, sitting at a table discussing the fate of the world and talking about why we can’t go back to a less complex times… The was no answer except that way would solve our issue, and bring us back to life -to a true experience of life. Doesn’t the Spiritual Warrior lay down the sword, and conquer his own madness?

    • A powerful dream in that we can then ‘see’ our madness, yet we keep doing it all anyway….but the choice can be made to ‘lay down the sword’…..this is the way of the bodhisattva and the Christian ideal…..but we only have a chance when we are grounded in the complexities…wow……thanks g.f.s……no answers, only a million choices….

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