the alchemy of deeply held beliefs

Spiritual attainment is not the result of special esoteric knowledge, the study of great texts and sutras, and the systematic learning of great works of religion, nor is it found in the realm of control or power; it doesn’t attach to things being a certain way; and it holds no blame. It involves neither the control over another person nor even control of ourselves. It stems rather from an abundant wisdom of heart. The wholeness and freedom we seek is our own true nature, who we really are……Jack Kornfield

this particular journey seems too simple….to ‘see things as they are’ means relinquishing control, to root spirituality in its true depths without clipping its wings….coming to the edge of this flat world……it is enough…..

finding destiny in the open sky & imperfect love….

Spirituality generates a host of emotional complexes- ideas that get hold of us and make us crazed. One of these is the perfection complex. I call it that to distinguish it from the simple idea that it might be good to change and live a better life. The perfection complex maddens a person. You can usually tell if a person has lived life fully, just as you can glimpse the hollowness in someone trying to be perfect. I find the counterpoint in my life to be between what I imagine I should be and what destiny makes of me…….Thomas Moore

2 thoughts on “the alchemy of deeply held beliefs

  1. I recently learned that the heart communicates more with the brain, than the brain does with the heart. The brain lives in dualism left and right hemispheres. The heart is is none dual, the place of our origin, the first organ to begin our creation in the womb. There is a mystical link we need to re-create….

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