happy anniversary to make believe boutique….a heartfulness journey…

is love big enough?

Today is the One Year Anniversary of Make Believe Boutique……

I love this blog, love to connect, love to create, love to be here….

….a beautiful day to celebrate….

…..Blessings to You……

The price of staying heart blind is a life unlived. The heart is like a bank of messages. Deep in its vault is everything you need to know about yourself: misguided conclusions, old wounds, secret truths, wise guidance. Put together, the messages become the story of who you are and who you aren’t; what you really love; decisions you should make; and how you can find lasting happiness. Because we fear the consequences of living from the heart, we try not to listen to its whispers of discontent and longing, its big ideas and wild dreams. Death lives in a closed heart. ‘Life seems to love the liver of it,’ says Maya Angelou. ‘From sacrifice comes bliss,’ says Joseph Campbell, surely not a novel proclamation, but a liberating concept if learned from the real-life experience of following one’s heart….Elizabeth Lesser

may we live on that edge of complexity, the fragile and divine compulsion to be with all of it….an undeniable and experiential unknowing…..culitvating our soul conviction…….

we’ve been waiting our whole lives to love….

Once you have learned to love yourself in all your unruliness and complexity, with all your contradictions, your ambivalence, your self-deceptions, once you have learned to love the dark side, the hidden lunar surface of your consciousness- the anger and sadness, the self-judgment and feelings of powerlessness- you have mastered the hardest part of life’s curriculum. In other words, you begin your angel apprenticeship. Passing your gift on to others. Loving then is the angel in training. You then have earned your wings….Paul Ferrini

I have never understood life without love…..no matter…..

the sun shines on my growing wings…..

a beauteous blog journey…..

When we love,

we always strive to become better than we are.

When we strive to become better than we are,

everything around us becomes better too.
… Paulo Cohelo

4 thoughts on “happy anniversary to make believe boutique….a heartfulness journey…

  1. Not so long ago it seems… I have enjoyed every morning of your reflections, certainly this blog is changing the world… What a wonderful way for you to distill the volumes of text you absorb… Carry on! -gfs

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