evoking the muse through squam love….

an art retreat for soul renewal

Creativity can be described as

letting go of certainties…

….Gail Sheehy

finding one’s inspired self requires sifting through a little sand……a search for treasure and a dream of one’s interior freedom……I just spent a few days at Squam, an art/spirit retreat which stirred ancient roots…..sharing that soft spot of connection….sweet soul singing…..

Squam Love……

Artistic risks invoke new dimensions of your self-expression.To be a positive risk taker, you must practice, celebrate your victories, and grow from your mishaps. You must learn to become strong and trust yourself so you can persist in the wake of delays and detours. Fascinations have great power to keep us devoted and engaged. Follow your personal passions, take the necessary risks, and you will evolve……Gail McMeekin

navigating the dark periods of creative dullness is excruciating…..the ambiguity calls for a reemergence, a survival, a new courage…..we can be grateful to that deep calling for not allowing us to remain adrift…..we must move into our soft fallow places…..we harvest into and from the natural cycles of our rebirth….

retreat, renew, reclaim…

There is this mysterious energy that

wants us to keep growing.

….Michelle Cassou

2 thoughts on “evoking the muse through squam love….

  1. Even as the body breathes, digests food, grows without a thought of ours, so the soul grows, with or without our attention… Yet in both cases attention to the well being of both yields its own reward

    • Oh so true….that longing is a built-in reminder…..there is so much more to us than our surface lives….and when we listen, we are rewarded….happy creating g.f.s…

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