how do we recharge the muse?

perception & seeing

As our work with the creative process evolves and we see how creativity extends beyond art into our lives, we may notice barriers that keep us from seeing in a way that’s unhindered by ideas or attitudes. These barriers pop up as we struggle to find equanimity in our art and day-to-day activities. To be willing to find our own freedom, blocked though it may be, is the first breath of that freedom. We have to be willing to turn toward the barrier and be intimate with it……John Daido Loori

this is tricky and full of traps… many barriers come up in our creative interplay…nearly impossible to sort them all out sometimes, so facing them becomes a battle of sorting through first….blocks and barriers are sometimes disguised as legitimate lamentations on the woes of our constraints…..nope, they’re just excuses….when realized, the barrier breaks, and the creativity flows again….

starting over again…..

Michelle Cassou encourages her students to move into the unknown. As she says, ‘To be creative means becoming more familiar with being a little lost. If we are always full of what we want to do, there is no room for the new.’ She reminds us that it is the process that counts. ‘Creation comes from cycles- sometimes small waves and sometimes big waves. And as the waves end, they want to rest- they have given all they could and need to replenish before moving again. The waves need time to build up again.The way to grow is the keep creating and letting go of what we hold onto and moving more into the spontaneous and the intuitive realm.’….Jan Phillips

no whining allowed in creative rants….

bliss making and authenticity sparked when called….

When you get into a tight place and everything goes against you until it seems that you cannot hold on for a minute longer, never give up then, for that is just the place and time when the tide will turn…..Harriet Beecher Stowe

2 thoughts on “how do we recharge the muse?

  1. It is a constant struggle, as I get closer and closer to knowledge the distractions become greater and greater. Ultimately it must take a supreme force of will to re-align ….

    • This is a great point. Why do we have more distractions? Sometimes I think it’s simply more pressure we put on ourselves as we get older….trying to accelerate something that requires a natural unfolding….another fear-based reaction…..may you re-align into calm today g.f.s…..

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