clinging to the mast doesn’t save the boat

out to sea…….

Life is like stepping into a boat

that is about to sail out to sea & sink.

….Shunryu Suzuki Roshi

The discomfort associated with groundlessness, with the fundamental ambiguity of being human, comes from our attachment to wanting things a certain way. What the fundamental ambiguity of being human points to is that as much as we want to, we can never say, ‘This is the only true way.’ The war correspondent Chris Hedges used a phrase that seems like a perfect description of our situation: ‘the moral ambiguity of human existence.’ He also talked about the pain that ensues when a group or religion insists that its view is the one true view. As individuals, we, too, have plenty of fundamentalist tendencies. We use them to comfort ourselves. We grab on to a position as a way of neatly explaining reality, unwilling to tolerate the uncertainty and discomfort of staying open to other possibilities.With a fixed identity, we have to busy ourselves with trying to rearrange reality, because reality doesn’t always conform to our view. The purpose of our spiritual path is to unmask, to take off our armor. There’s an approach we can take to the fundamental ambiguity of being human that allows us to work with, rather than retreat from, feelings like fear and aversion. If we can get in touch with the sensation as sensation and open ourselves to it without labeling it good or bad, then even when we feel the urge to draw back, we can stay present and move forward into the feeling…..Pema Chodron

our edgy discomforts root us in fear…..cultivating a fearless relationship with ourselves is the natural process of escaping and returning to the path, to life, to and from habits and ideals….again and again….making a vow to ourselves to come out of hiding is a potent way to simply live this life…..

what will you discover inside……set the sails….

This is what I believe.

That I am I.

That my soul is a dark forest.

That my known self will never be more

than a little clearing in the forest.

That gods, strange gods come forth into the clearing

of my known self, and then go back.

That I must have the courage to let them come and go.

That I will never let mankind put anything over me, but that I will try always to recognize and submit to the gods in me and the gods in other men and women.

….D.H. Lawrence

4 thoughts on “clinging to the mast doesn’t save the boat

  1. God’s in amnesia… Until the forest opens in our eyes, and we become again like children we will not see past that clearing.. We make our own gods, that is the gift and the curse of creative consciousness… In searching for a new spice route many have sailed past their India.

    • Oh, I’m going to remember ‘God’s in amnesia’….hmmm….becoming again like children, amazed in wonderment…..this is how we can stay present with our messy egos…..sailing seems so peaceful and wistful, yet it’s hard work and can be dangerous…..the sweet layers of life…..thanks g.f.s…..

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