tripping over our own clumsy sorrows

we seek out…..

I have no power of miracle

other than the attainment of quiet happiness,

I have no tact except the exercise of gentleness.

…Oracle of Sumiyoshi

This Shinto sage from the hills of Japan affirms what we all know in our hearts but seldom honor. I have worked hard to give up attaining a place ordained by others in the world, for this always leads me into noise, confusion, and gruffness. Often it is some grief or pain that halts me, jars me into remembering the exercise of gentleness that opens the quiet world. The truth is that, more than forgetting this, some unloved part of me whispers insistently that I can have both. Foolishly, I tend to listen, out of pity or pride, only to find out painfully, again and again, that it just doesn’t work. In beautiful mystery, the extraordinary edge to everything is covered over with a current of speed and noise, the way beautiful stones are not quite seeable under the rush of the river’s face. Only when we can still the river of the world and the river in our face do things become extraordinary and clear……Mark Nepo

can it be that we are more gentle and kind than we know? where is your soft spot? we are reinforced to lovingkindness in the simplest interconnections in our day to day…..may we remember to soften our grasp, to seek spaciousness as our guide to being….to listen to the sorrow and the laughter….

a walking meditation for starting over….

Many of us are getting to the point in our spiritual journey where we are no longer trying to get high….We are trying to’ be.’ And being includes everything. We now recognize that if there is anything at all that that can bring us down- anything- our house is built upon sand, and there is fear. And where there is fear, we aren’t free. Thus we become motivated to confront the places in ourselves which bring us down- not only to confront them, but to create situations in which to bring them forth….That’s the mentality that says, ” I want to get done; I want to be liberated in this very birth. I’ve seen how it could be; I’m tired of just seeing previews of coming attractions; I want to become the main feature.”…..Ram Dass

6 thoughts on “tripping over our own clumsy sorrows

  1. An aspirant searched the world for a guru to show him the way to enlightenment. He found him sitting by a river and asked to be shown the way. The master took the man’s head and held it underwater. After a minute he began to panic and squirm, by two minutes,he was frantic, struggling to get free he is pulled up and gasps for breath. The guru states simply that when you want enlightenment as much as that breath it will come just as easily….

  2. Blue, reading your post, I am reminded of a time years ago when I suffered with anxiety attacks. Of course, there were a wide host of physicians with offers to prescribe me something, but the advice I found most useful was the act of going against the norm – to embrace the storm rather than fighting it (feeding the monster). I learned to ride the wave rather than try and control the sea (to enjoy the trip so to speak)……. When we embrace our fears, they lose their power, and quite suddenly we’re flying. thank you for this reminder. ~ Love, Bobbie

    • You are a rare bird I think for having the courage to step into fear…..and yet, as you’ve learned, we take the fear away by owning it…..another encouragement to soften and embrace the mystery….Blessings Bobbie….

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