when in doubt, everything tender is where to rest

hide n seek with the nuance of soul

When the spiritual search is too intense and hungry, the soul stays hidden. The soul was never meant to be seen completely. The light of modern consciousness is not gentle or reverent; it lacks graciousness in the presence of mystery; it wants to unriddle and control the unknown. It is interesting that the word revelation comes from re-valere, literally, ‘to veil again.’ The world of the soul is glimpsed through the opening in a veil that closes again. There is a lantern in the soul, which makes your solitude luminous. Solitude need not remain lonely. It can awaken its luminous warmth. The soul redeems and transfigures everything because the soul is the divine space. To awaken the soul is to travel to the frontier where experience bows down before the ‘mysterium tremendum et fascinans’ of Otherness………….John O’Donohue

our souls know when we’re hiding……they express the keen desires that we do not have words for….the body remembers and whispers deep into the soul’s joys and sorrows….no blame, only the real wisdom of its destiny…..when we are weary and confused, we recall our intention, ground in that intention and trust in our soul’s complexities…….

In that nocturnal tranquility and silence and in that knowledge of the divine light the soul becomes aware of Wisdom’s wonderful harmony and sequence in the variety of his creatures and works. Each of them is endowed with a certain likeness of God and in its own way gives voice to what God is in it. So creatures will be for the soul a harmonious symphony of sublime music surpassing all melodies of the world….She says that her Beloved is silent music because in him she knows and enjoys this symphony of spiritual music. Not only is he silent music, but his is also ‘sounding solitude.’ ‘The spirit of the Lord filled the whole earth, and this world which contains all things has knowledge of the voice.’ This voice is the sonorous solitude the soul knows here, that is, the testimony to God which, in themselves, all things give.

My Beloved is the mountains,

And lonely wooded valleys,

Strange islands,

And resounding rivers,

The whistling of love-stirring breezes,

The tranquil night

At the time of the rising dawn,

Silent music.

Sounding solitude,

The supper that refreshes, and deepens love.

…..St. John of the Cross

in every heart there’s a yearning….

Geologian Thomas Berry has written movingly of the intrinsic grace of our existence in this universe. If we have a wonderful sense of the Divine, it is because we live amid such awesome magnificence. If we have refinement of emoton and sensitivity, it is because of the delicacy, the fragrance, and indescribable beauty of song and music and rhythmic movement in the world about us. Beauty feeds our imaginations. If we have powers of imagination, these are activated by the magic display of color and sound, of form and movement, such as we observe in the clouds of the sky, the trees and bushes and flowers, the waters and the wind, the singing birds, and the movement of the great blue whale through the sea….If we lived on the moon, our sense of the Divine would all reflect the desolation of lunar landscape……Matthew Fox

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