the task of conversing with the heart’s desire

As Schopenhauer says, when you look back on your life, it looks as though it were a plot, but when you are into it, it’s a mess: just one surprise after another. Then, later, you see it was perfect. So I have a theory that if you are on your own path things are going to come to you. Since it’s your own path, and no one has ever been on it before, there’s no precedent, so everything that happens is a surprise and is timely.…..Joseph Campbell

a great way to inhabit a life is to pretend it’s all a dream….this paradox brings us fully into the absurdity, the beauty, and the grand possibilities….the fierce imagination seeks the living and bathes the soul…..

A person of imagination is not undone by the overwhelming weight of facts and feelings. Failure is often the cause of a new chaotic period in life, and if you can appreciate the alchemist’s view of chaos, in spite of the pain involved, new possibilities come with the confusion. Chaos is fertile, and failure may be the mother of the chaos. Seeking out solid and useful inspiration is part of the art of imagination, an aspect of the alchemy by which your hidden creative self emerges. The word inspire means ‘to breathe into’ and brings us back to the idea that to be alive in body and soul means to breathe in and out. You dip into a source bigger than you- a great life, a book of wisdom, a resonant poem- and you approach your own decisions with added depth and breadth……Thomas Moore

searching for the edge of our source….

To study our own hearts is to rediscover longing. Longing needs to be addressed, needs to be listened to. What is it we really long for? Did we shelve this longing, give up on it, reject it, or tell ourselves other things were more important? There is sadness in longing, the sense of absence of what we long for. The most dangerous decision it to reject longing, languor, and fervor altogether. That way lies death of Spirit. It is a way without creativity, a way without passion…..Matthew Fox

4 thoughts on “the task of conversing with the heart’s desire

  1. Ah the longing we have felt, as if it were some test to say, here are all the kingdoms of the Earth, set before your feet, fall down and worship me and I will make them yours ….I think now I finally understand, and wonder how long can we allow this temptation to go on … That is the ‘longing’

    • ….and then maybe we can realize that what we long for can be found in ourselves and our perceptions and how well we love….your open heart is shining g.f.s…..

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