the charm of the solstice soul


You witness with your soul, not your eyes, for the soul is the divine part of you that observes everything. As you begin putting much more attention and energy into your soul, you begin to discover the ‘divineness’ that is within you and everything else. To nourish the soul means to participate in the very mechanics of creation-to become a co-creator of your life and of the world as you want it to be. As a witness, you can begin to participate in the ‘quantum mechanics of creation.’ You become a creator because everything that you observe is affected by the fact that you are observing it. The act of witnessing becomes a creative act……Wayne Dyer

such courage it takes to bare the confines of the heart….to show up in authenticity… integrate realizations that have transformed when the rest of our world has not followed….and never will….the clarity of this solstice sky holds our hope as the sun turns north….as we turn toward our truth….as the soul turns toward the meaning of our hearts….as the clear sky turns our heads to witness our beautiful lives…..

The need to be who we are always brings us back to soul. I don’t believe we’re ever disconnected from the soul. I think that it’s always there, waiting to be recognized, even though we may have turned a blind eye to the soul or stopped paying attention to our inner guidance. The opposite of trust is control; control is an announcement that we do not trust. But when we are in touch with our souls, we can trust, and when we can trust, we feel our bond with that which remains a mystery, which is outside nature or deep within one’s nature, which has yet to be explored or even discovered. Opening a connection to our souls opens so many gates in life. Many people mistakenly think of the gateway to the soul as a hole to be filled, not knowing it is an opportunity. And so they look for something to plug the hole, rather than going through the gate to reconnect with their souls. The answer, however, is never in the outer. The outer is simply a mirror of what is working or not working on the inside. Being alive to every moment of every day is a way of listening to the inner guidance and accessing the mysteries of the soul…..Angeles Arrien

 the clarity of a winter’s night….

I don’t think that you have to get all your inner stuff together and totally integrated before you can actually be what you’ve realized. You’re going to wait forever if you wait for that. Just start being what you know now. That’s a scary thing for people, because all of a sudden we come out of hiding- then everything comes out of hiding. Even for people who’ve had an authentic awakening and realized truth, it can be scary. Now we have an awakening and those things we’ve pushed into the corners are just glaring at us. It might be frightening to totally come out of hiding, because who knows what’s going to happen now? There must be an absolute willingness to be totally truthful with yourself and with everybody…..Adyashanti

3 thoughts on “the charm of the solstice soul

  1. It’s actually quite sad. I know people in their twilight years who have spent most of their lives hiding behind a mask. They’ve done it so long, I’m not even sure they know who they are. For too many, I think the lure of ‘coming clean’ is tempting, but for the fear of drowning – the fear of not being able to ever ‘go back’. Afterall, once you ‘know’, you can’t ever pretend you don’t. I love this gentle reminder to nurture our truths. ~ Love, B

    • oh it’s so hard sometimes….we are such a polite culture….poised to be so false regardless of our truth….but our truth as you say lies in the knowing….we can’t go back….and I think you make a key point in the gentleness….we do not need to scream our truth…a subtle shift can go a long way to offset fear…..may the nurturing be full…..

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