illuminating the heart with inner light

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If the doors of perception were cleansed,

everything would appear to man as it is — infinite.
…William Blake

Choosing a path of love means recognizing the essential quality of love that guides self-awareness as it unfolds on all levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It also means acknowledging the presence of love in personal, interpersonal, and transpersonal experience. Psychological theories based on the assumption that human beings are basically selfish and pleasure seeking assume that well adjusted, mature individuals must balance instinctual drives against the demands of society. Whether the primary cause of suffering is attributed to external oppression or internal repression, from this perspective human nature is not to be trusted. Such theories do not recognize the capacity for love and altruism as a primary motive or value. Choosing a path of love does not mean neglecting other factors that contribute to wholeness. It does imply a fundamental belief in the power of love as a creative, healing force, and in the inherent capacity of every human being to experience it…..Frances Vaughan

within the heart of self-knowledge & self-becoming…..

The circuit of love then becomes complete, as the soul of love returns to the Source of Love. Love pours into love, races into love, expands into love, and finds only love.. Human love then realizes that it has always belonged completely to Divine Love…..Lex Hixon

remembering love this holiday season is a gift to shine out…..a deep rumbling of spirit clamoring like the sea to show up on the shore…to land in deep love….what beliefs carry our love forward? what beliefs limit us to a starving little love?….in our fullest moments, we are timeless and illuminating….

The heart is a strong shore and the ocean has many moods. With each day, we have this choice, we can build walls, block ourselves from the light, and suffer a dampness in the soul. Or we can live barely, shine on through, and suffer the nicks of erosion for living the open. Most of us, myself included, live behind walls that were started by others and finished by ourselves. Very often, we fear each other without reason- the wall builders and those who shine on through. But it really comes down to how to make it through life- safely or fully. I confess this comes from one who struggles to shine on through, because in the end, not being touched by life is not that safe after all. What I’ve learned is that the more I risk being who I am- like a sun daring to shine- the thinner the walls need to be outside me……Mark Nepo

6 thoughts on “illuminating the heart with inner light

  1. There is a deep mystery hidden in the oceans, one the reflects our humanity, yet the vast majority of humans deny their divinity, and let the waters overwhelm their lives. I am often dumb struck when I see in print after a ‘disaster’ – Where was God? – When the reality is God was right there, allowing us to be that which we had chosen … This is a free will universe – For all his dubious teachings and works Aleister Crowley made one statement that has stuck with me … Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law, Love is the law, Love under will …

    • Beautiful words of love….we give up our power when we lose faith and when we separate ourselves from the force of love……may love shine g.f.s……

  2. My favorite line ~ in our fullest moments, we are timeless and illuminating. That ~ our moment shall glisten against the darkest night sky long after the ash has settled. Let us breathe in the universe such that our heart finds the limits of none. Love to you, Blue. ~ Merry, me

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