the purity of the winter-white soul

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Seeing with spiritual vision means looking past appearances and perceiving what is ordinarily assumed to be invisible. Universal love is more easily recognized when one is not obsessed with a particular form, such as romantic love. The soul that welcomes love without fear and awakens spiritual vision sees love’s reflection in all aspects of creation. When the heart is closed and love seems to be absent, the world becomes a wasteland of alienated individualism. In religious life, feeling a lack of love indicates separation from God and signals a dark night of the soul. The classic dark night of the soul occurs only after the soul has had a vision of God that subsequently fades. When no such vision has been attained, feelings of alienation may be more aptly described as a dark night of the ego that clings to its separate reality, mistaking the shadows of love for its reality. While the despair of ego often precedes embarking on the spiritual path, the despair of the soul that feels separated from its Source seems to be an integral part of the soul’s journey. Shadows are dispelled when we begin to see the world through the eyes of love and acceptance rather than judgment. Trusting an intuitive response to love seems to be a necessary though insufficient condition for developing spiritual vision. Spiritual insight depends on developing a nonjudgmental intuitive perception associated with the wisdom of the heart. Spiritual traditions offer a variety of different methods for opening the eye of the soul and developing discernment. All suggest some form of purification and awareness training. Before the eye of the soul is opened, one can learn from any of the great traditions, listening to those teachers who seem trustworthy, possibly following those who demonstrate love and wisdom in their lives……Frances Vaughan

direct knowing is inhibited by the rational mind….finding that white purity is more simple than we allow…..a weaving of light and heart and golden intention……may your direct knowing give you peace in discernment…..

Through our research, we’ve identified several elements that can help you prepare the soil of your life. Some of these soil fertilizers- or soul fertilizers- are qualities you can cultivate within yourself. They involve the decisions you make about who you want to be and how you want to live. Others are choices you make about the external support system you provide yourself with and the support you offer to others for your mutual flowering. Buddhist teacher Noah Levine spoke about the need for wisdom when encountering pain and suffering along the transformative path: ‘In my experience, there’s been a balance between feeling much more connected to others and feeling isolated and disconnected. To be awake in a world that is so asleep can feel very isolating and very lonely on some levels because, ultimately, everything is connected and everyone is doing the best they can, but also……the best that people can do isn’t very good. In general if you look at the world….the suffering and the oppression and the vast ignorance that rules this realm of existence, it can be quite painful. The more awareness and the more sensitivity, the more need for balance with equanimity and understanding- even saying to yourself, ‘oh, this is just the way it is,’ may help. The Buddha says compassion is a quivering of the heart which, when it’s not balanced with equanimity, is quite painful. When compassion is not balanced with wisdom it is very painful- and for me, I get out of balance. That can be quite difficult and as a  result I feel very alone sometimes’……Marilyn Mandala Schlitz

alone with our hearts helps us to know the dark so that we may shine…..

The most important thing for you is to know yourself. If people can find the power of the eternal power and the power of their own body, they can live happily. They can find the real meaning of their life and what they need. Patience overcomes all difficulties, all pain, all sufferings in our life. ……You are a very precious and sacred person. You are a god for yourself and you are a heaven for yourself. So you need to open yourself. We need to communicate with our sacred treasure. After we know ourselves and each other very completely, this eternal love blossoms and becomes stronger…..Zorigtbaatar Banzar

6 thoughts on “the purity of the winter-white soul

  1. To see the self in this very heavy atmosphere is a great challenge, still we brave the fire and the rain to find our true self. Joy comes in knowing eternity is the place we stand within… It attends us if we care to see …

    • it takes such bravery to follow a path of awareness….much ‘easier’ to be asleep….it seems to be not for everyone…but once we’ve tasted the rainbow, we cannot return….thanks for sharing the many shades of color…

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