the mystic heart of Christmas


The utterances of the heart, unlike those of the discriminating intellect, always relate to the whole. In this sense, the heart shows the meaning of things in great perspective. What the heart hears are the great things that span our whole lives, the experiences which we do nothing to arrange but which simply happen to us….Carl Jung

finding the holy in the dark and the light….

Miracle-working is not a part-time job: We must bring to the table everything we are and all our experience. Miracles happen. It’s one thing to know that, but another to apply it. The angels are waiting for us. It’s one thing to know that, but another to apply it. Thoughts of judgment block the light. It’s one thing to know that, but another to apply it. Sacred silence rights the universe. It’s one thing to know that, but another to apply it. And yet apply these principles we must, if we are to be serious agents of the sacred. Every day we’re confronted with a gap, often painfully wide, between the life we live now and a life of deep enchantment. At times, they seem so far away from our practical realities. Yet, in fact, they are only as far away as our next perception, should that perception be filled with love. No matter what the circumstance, we can infuse it with light. And that is what comes next: bringing wisdom and grace from the abstract realm to the practical realm, where bodies grow old, where the news is so bad at times and life is so sad. Hour by hour, day by day, we can find more light within ourselves, and the world will begin to shine…..Marianne Williamson

the modern-day mystic in us seizes this Christmas day to shine a light….our light….infused with grace and the desire to hold gently, all that is dark, not right, challenging, and in need of forgiveness….this is what we can do when we ask ourselves, what could I possibly do to change anything? this is who we are….

During the holiday season, it is important to open to the healing forces and natural states of grace that allow us to be hale and hearty once again. When we heal, we become whole- we are holy. We do not have to be qualified to be holy. In December, we demonstrate our love and open to ‘the mystic heart’ as a way of experiencing more spontaneity, presence, and joy in our lives. All spiritual traditions have a mystical root. Mysticism and mystic hold the same root word as mystery, and in this season when light begins to emerge from darkness, we can explore the mystery of light in our own nature. The spiritual traditions of the world refer to this mystery as ‘the mystic heart’- a moral capacity within the heart for selfless service and compassionate action. Take time to reflect and give gratitude for your own mystic heart and how it has expressed itself this year in your work, relationships, health and well-being, and difficult circumstances. Where have you experienced humility of heart and simplicity of spirit this year? In this holiday season, express the mystic heart and its transformative power through actions of love, compassion, mercy, kindness and generosity…..Angeles Arrien

7 thoughts on “the mystic heart of Christmas

  1. Another post teeming with interesting ideas and perspectives worthy of contemplating and practicing. Thanks for sharing. Merry Christmas to you and yours!


  2. Indeed, we are more – more than a day or a moment – more than a season. It is our duty (our glorious right) to more than seek the truth – for in our existence (our living) we reveal it. Through love, we share that which can never be diminished. Beautifully expressed, as ever. ~ Love, Bobbie

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