spiraling into new year’s wishes

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The moon at dawn stooped like a hawk

and took me and flew across the sky.

Traveling inside that light, so close,

my body turned to spirit.

I saw nothing but light.

The secret of revelation came clear

with my ship submerged in that.

As it moved, consciousness rose into being,

and the voice of consciousness

made every foam fleck a new bodying.

Matter receives a signal

from the sea it floats in.

But without the sun,

without the majesty of Shams,

no one would see the moon

or ever dissolve in ocean light.


wondering what it would feel like to be this new with every breath, with every discovery, with every new day…..the holiday groove whispers an invitation to rediscover, to renew, to rekiss this new year…..

The essence of spirituality is actually just to melt. We melt all of the ideas of who we are, where we are going, and what we are doing. We just melt everything. When we melt everything, what melts is not our true nature but our painful ego. And where we land is this eternal ground, the sorrowless land within, which is always there. The true spiritual practice is actually ‘unselfing.’ Most people don’t know what that is all about. Once we have the wisdom of ‘selfing,’ we may want to have salvation that belongs always to this moment. When that intention is very strong, then there is also attention. From that moment on there is a beautiful dance that happens in our consciousness. The dance is the dance between awareness and unawareness. It is the dance between selfing and unselfing. Unselfing is very beautiful because in that effortlessness of dissolving self then the melting happens. This melting is not traditional spiritual terminology, it’s made-up, but it works. We just melt. Our fear melts…..Anam Thubten

walking the long road….

We wait for the magical moment- sometime in the future- when everything will be as we want it to be.

…..Thich Nhat Hanh

14 thoughts on “spiraling into new year’s wishes

    • we help each other don’t we? the beauty of our humanity……wishing you a few moments of just being….melting into what is and resting there….blessings….

    • the holidays can be a loaded time of shoulds and coulds…..much wiser to honor where we are…..and we all need a little help in being gentle with ourselves….blessings to you in the new year….

  1. I remember once being asked my favorite season, and immediately launched into the reasons I love Fall best, followed by the same for Winter, Spring and Summer. I love them all best; all the same but not the same. To know, to love is to remember only this – this is the best – the best sunrise and the sweetest noontide. Every age is the most tender and every kiss, the first. To live perilously balanced on the brink of forever is to know each the same (though not) anew. Thank you for another of your sweet reminders. I love this one especially. ~ Love ever, Bobbie

    • the sweet and steadfast love of life you radiate is so wonderfully welcome….hoping every risk you take brings a new shade of blue to warm and strengthen…..that ‘brink of forever’ is something you seem to know intimately well…..thanks Bobbie…

  2. Great quote from Anam… melting, unselfing, the dance between ego and emptiness… you’ve given me something beautiful to contemplate this evening πŸ™‚

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