our initiation into the rites of our roots

1-Pics for Blog Edits17Are you having trouble reaching your goals in relationship to the basic needs of balancing your life, eating healthily, treating your body well, and so on? It’s possible that you’ve delayed your higher needs too much, maybe thinking, ‘When I get everything in my life settled, then I can move on to things like learning to be more loving; enhancing my capacity for trust, generosity, and forgiveness; and actively cultivating joyful and creative experiences.’ Our so-called ‘higher’ needs are as fundamental to our quality of life as our basic needs. Explore whether your ‘higher’ needs are really being met by answering the following questions:

-Do you have friends and family who are supportive and worthy of your trust and respect? If not, where can you seek at least one connection like that?

-Do you regularly engage in at least one activity that brings you uncomplicated joy?

-Is there a regular time for creativity in your life?

-Do you spend daily time in quiet contemplative reflection? How about time in nature?

…Cassandra Vieten

our soul-self, our soul-nature, our soul-psyche all question our imaginal fantasies and invite us to create the real work of our lives…..not to diminish the imaginative but to honor it with respect and awakening gifts…..the difference between comforting and nurturing….the paradox of fighting to let go is not lost on those of us who seize our lives from crippling inertia….

One of the most  essential aspects of this path- and interestingly, one that is very seldom mentioned in traditional teachings- is curiosity, just wondering what things are really like. Curiosity, coupled with the desire not to be fooled (even though it’s very comfortable to be fooled sometimes) but to try to get a better and better understanding of the way things actually are. I remember when I was a kid, I used to wake up excited each morning. It was an excitement that was both intellectual and emotional. It was sort of , ‘Wow, another day! I wonder what is going to happen today?’ You know, life was very interesting. And then I gradually became more normal as I was socialized. My path, in a sense, has been to get back to that curiosity- to what’s happening now. Curiosity about my own mind has been a major part of that. Why am I thinking the things I am thinking now? Why am I feeling this way when I don’t want to feel this way? Curiosity and a desire not to be fooled are fundamental parts of that……Charles Tart

marking our territory for opening….

All the great traditions talk about this idea that somehow the ideal thing would be for every moment to be a revelation, every moment to be a mystical experience- but not because you’re having visions, but because of the moment. The beauty of this moment is very, very great. This is a very great opening. Every microsecond of the conversation has the temptation for us to almost get lost in it. So these are good things- hugging the dog, walking outside, or seeing that the real mysticism is here…..Father Frances Tiso

5 thoughts on “our initiation into the rites of our roots

  1. It takes a long time to undo the wonder of childhood, but as a society we have gotten more and more efficient at it …Yes, the mystical lives in everything, but we bury it in dogma and creed …Robert Anton Wilson called it catma , just to add that little twist of comedy to it. I work for some very ‘serious’ people and I find myself amused by their seriousness more and more … after all it not about anything more than money… and often not even that – it’s about institutionalized things, names and dates in cells on spreadsheets – I wonder if they know that the same cells are multiplying in them, and causing their disease …

    • this is why I try to stay connected to the land of make-believe…..much of my art is whimsical….I blow bubbles with the kids (and without!) and try to bring play into life…..but it doesn’t always work of course….as you said, this pervasive ‘seriousness’ in most surrounds us and edges in….we must be ‘appropriate’…….we should resist this….seeing wonderment and awe is essential to our soul…..staying close to these questions Vieten asks here help me to re-ground in knowing….nature, art, movement, quiet…..and the blog, of course….so good you have your poetry g.f.s…..

  2. Blue, I think that’s the reason why fiction is so popular. People (more and more) look for another life to exist within, and disregard the wonder that is within reach.

    As a rule, society is far too concerned with ‘how it will look’, and yet have no problem with the look of misery. People are hungry (though few would admit it) ~ hungry for another kind of truth: the mythic truth about human nature in general, the hidden truth about life mysteries that define our own identity, and the most specific truth of all ~ our own sweet story. Fiction, because it is not about someone who really existed ~ well, it always has the possibility (to those desperate but without an understanding of what for) of being about oneself.

    And I know ‘how it will look’. Yes, there will be those who think we’ve lost touch by being less serious. But they are the same ones who late at night, lie in bed and smile and the thought of how that must have felt ~ to be a part of something so spontaneous.

    Although the weather hasn’t allowed it yet, there’s a kite in the hall closet of my office with red scarlet streamers. Yep, there are those who look and shake their heads, but more and more (they’re coming around), there are those who wonder whether they could get to the kite before me…… 🙂

    Let us live first, and save the dying for death. ~ Love, Bobbie

    • We will only regret not doing the silly and magical thing…..moments come and go and I don’t want to be the one up late at night wishing…..and why so many missed boats out there? fear…..but if we should all fly kites together……then there’s more magic for all of us….wishing you fairy tales and fair winds for kite flying Bobbie….

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