how shall we live then, knowing what we know?


Lord, the air smells good today,

straight from the mysteries

within the inner courts of God.

A grace like new clothes thrown across the garden,

free medicine for everybody.

The trees in their prayer, the birds in praise.


finding bliss in reconciliation….

Is it possible, I asked myself, that I’m being summoned from some deep and holy place within? Am I being asked to enter a passage in the spiritual life- the journey from false self to true self? Am I being asked to dismantle old masks and patterns and unfold a deeper, more authentic self- the one God created me to be? Am I being compelled to disturb my inner universe in quest of the undiscovered being who clamors from within?….Sue Monk Kidd

the subtleties of wisdom are as delicate as feathers…..deeply listening to the wind in the eras of our lives invites a precious re-assemblage of our story line… one can make the depths of loneliness right again…, only we can bring a whisper-soft nudge to our exquisite denial….a respected teacher says, ‘Hope is not a plan.’ Indeed, we free ourselves through tender care…..

In later life, we must learn to live in the formidable middle ground of our nature, where depth and character reside. We also have to notice what triggers our need to mask ourselves or flaunt our expertise in overdeveloped roles- and for whom we do this. We need to find the stronger identity that wants to emerge. This ‘white picket gate’ offers the wisdom gifts of curiosity, flexibility, and self-acceptance. We find it uncomfortable and unnecessary to either inflate or deflate ourselves because our self-trust and self-acceptance are fully anchored in self-sufficiency. We begin to realign and experience congruence as we relax into our true face by letting go of the masks and roles that have kept both our defensive and offensive strategies in place. Embracing our wisdom face, we can meet the challenge with which the eighth-century Buddhist sage Hui-Neng is reputed to have confronted his disciples, ‘Show me the face you had before even your parents were born.’….Angeles Arrien

6 thoughts on “how shall we live then, knowing what we know?

  1. So interesting that today I amconfronted with this dilemma, my work has become a mask donned each day. What does it really mean? I do know it does not define me, and very soon I will make a choice and trust the guidance I am given, and the skills I have be taught to lead me into the future. Knowing this, trusting this, brings a great anticipation, the little fear severs its true purpose of invoking caution, and heightened awareness … May ther be warm sun for you this day …

    • It’s a process…..our roles are so ingrained….and masks can be very useful….but at one time those roles probably fit quite nicely…..sweet to know life expands……love that feeling of anticipation……I remember leaving my nursing career….I still find it interesting to ‘define’ an identity and to trust intuition….I can always count on it, but it’s not always easy to leap….fear seems to be loosening its grip…..keep writing down your soul g.f.s, invoking the gate to open in the ‘white picket fence’….

    • it’s soul renewal to share here…..wonderful to offer each other a little sweet air….. much gratitude and wishes for a little sweetness your way…..

  2. I love this. I’ve learned much from my students about resistence. I sense that much of their resistence to change (to be responsible, to move) is born of fear – not necessarily the fear of succeeding, but the greater fear of removing the mask.

    At one time, I found it normal that addicts (within the program) would be attracted to each other, and assumed it was due in part to sharing a common enemy (or a common friend). Over time, I’ve come to a different understanding. The attraction is spawned by acceptance – an acceptance of the worst, the man beneath the mask. I mean, if someone knows the worst of me and is still attracted, I must be salvageable.

    As sad as it may be, it’s an acceptance we all seek. Not only from others, but from the man in the mirror. Thank you as always for stimulating thought. ~ Love, Bobbie

    • Shedding mask after mask….this seems to be our task throughout our life…..and when we can be as authentic as our bravery will allow, it gets a little easier….indeed, accepting ourselves ‘means’ we’re salvageable….I know you must be a true inspiration to your students…..keep sharing your wisdom Bobbie….

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