the intention of spirituality is only received after a long sleep


The one moon reflects itself wherever there is a sheet of water, and all the moons in the waters are embraced within the one moon…..One Reality, all comprehensive, contains within itself all realities….Yoka Daishi

walk the long walk home….

In the 1100’s, the mystic Hildegard of Bingen defined prayer as ‘breathing in and breathing out the one breath of the Universe.’ This is listening with our entire being. It speaks to an immersion of attention that all the traditions aspire to; each claiming in its own way that peace resides in this completeness which arises when our individual sense of being merges with the ongoing stream of being that is the heartbeat of the Universe. Whether these moments arise from great stillness or great suffering or great love, they all seem unexpected and seem to depend on our ability to hold nothing back. All the traditions suggest that breathing the one breath is our deepest home. We each have at least two moments of such completeness: during our first breath at birth and in our last breath at death. How often we stumble into this completeness of being during our time on Earth depends on our journey and our willingness to enter it. In an effort to enter my own journey, I spent two weeks meditating daily on Hildegard’s one breath. And somewhere in the second week, I had a dream in which the breath at birth met the breath at death. I was sitting in an open field without speaking for days. Finally, I began to wander. I came upon a huge tree to find Buddha beneath it. I could tell that many had come upon him in this way. He was just waking from a very long sleep and I happened upon him the instant he awakened. A light filled his face. As I moved closer, he changed into a dying boy. This was alarming. As I put my hand on the tree, it turned into a fence of wire in Auschwitz. And the small boy, just as lighted as Buddha, was sighing his last breath which clouded in the cold. In the days that followed, I kept breathing the one breath of the Universe, quietly thinking of Buddha and the little boy. I feel certain they both live in me, in you. We are both waking and dying in every moment, an inner form of day and night. Now I listen for Buddha waking and the little boy dying in the faces of strangers and friends tired enough to slow their breathing to the one breath that lifts in us all………Mark Nepo

love is the fruit of this curiosity, this listening, this opening……using fear to find divine inspiration…..where is death found to be a worthy friend? a companion into the serenity of a million sunsets?……may we channel this exhaustion of questioning into beingness of all that has come before and all that will come after us, creating a beautiful soul memory…..

The role of spiritual practice is basically to exhaust the seeker. If the practice does what it’s supposed to do, it exhausts our energy for seeking, and then reality has a chance to present itself…….Adyashanti

2 thoughts on “the intention of spirituality is only received after a long sleep

  1. There is a point (to use a word) where seeking becomes finding, where journey becomes destination, night turns to dawn, and dawn, into day … If we choose to be seekers, we must know that we will be given a choice. In seeking we can remain in the world, and part of the world. When we find, and choose, at last, to live in the one breath, then we also choose to be in the world, but not of it …

    • where birth is death….and beauty is suffering….and we are them… breath now and forever… in this world, when we really finally ‘see’ it shows us how deep our lives are embedded…..the paradox of this freedom of choice…..intense reflections g.f.s…..

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