awakening to fresh grace


After breakfast I wandered out- it was a particularly glorious morning- settled myself on a stone seat with a large view in all directions, and filled and lit my pipe. This was a new, or at least almost-forgotten experience. I had never had the leisure to light a pipe before, or not, it seemed to me, for fourteen years at least. Now, suddenly, I had an immense sense of leisure, an unhurriedness, a freedom I had almost forgotten- but which, now it had returned, seemed the most precious thing in life. There was an intense sense of stillness, peacefulness, joy, a pure delight in the ‘now,’ freed from drive or desire. I was intensely conscious of each leaf, on the ground: intensely conscious of the Eden around me- the world was motionless, frozen- everything concentrated in an intensity of sheer being- Now on this morning, as though on the first morning of Creation, I felt like Adam beholding a new world with wonder. I had not known, or had forgotten, that there could be such beauty, such completeness, in every moment. I had no sense at all of moments, of the serial, only of the perfection and beauty of the timeless now…….Oliver Sacks

we cannot know our own significance, but the soul pays no mind to such judgment….the soul feeds on sweet full-on being…..regardless of where the mind strays…..soul food may be the perfect mix of what we already have….we enrich the path of love through our own contentment and well-being…

Although self-awareness is widely recognized as a therapeutic tool, the value of spiritual awareness is seldom acknowledged in Western psychology. As one grows toward wholeness, healing awareness provides a context within which both the dark and the light side of oneself can be accepted. A sense of wholeness may be attained only by consciously accepting all of oneself. Attitudes that are most conducive to expanding awareness at this level are love and gratitude. Awareness of the transpersonal Self, then, designates the specific stage of development wherein the soul remembers itself and its prior unity with the Absolute. As a religious scholar, Jacob Needleman has discussed the need to ‘bring back the symbolic power of the soul, to recover it as a guide to the search for ourselves.’ He says,’ ….the soul is the name for that force or principle within human nature that can bind together all the intellectual, emotional and instinctual aspects of the human being through a mediating relationship to the highest principles of order and mind in the universe. Therefore, as it is said, love nourishes the soul.’ From this perspective, the fulfillment of human possibilities depends on the core of ontological love (conditions transmitted to another that foster the growth of the soul) that leads to the development of the soul…..Frances Vaughan

waiting and waiting for the light that was dawn….

Daylight comes earlier now that it’s spring. Birds sing even in the dark. Dormant life stirs in the garden. Inside, I am stirring, too, waking up from something sleepy and inert, something that’s held me quiet in the cold. After a long winter we may feel a new permission. Isn’t this when the gardening begins to begin? It’s time to raise the blinds and open the windows as well, to let air in, even if it’s cold. It’s time for new life to touch our faces and our inward being. The light is there. We can ask now to really be wakened. The dark has its own way. It is part of day. To be illumined by not knowing, not seeing, not doing is also a way. Even in the deepest darkness are you not still with God?….Gunilla Norris

6 thoughts on “awakening to fresh grace

  1. It seems that Transpersonal Psychology is mainstream education realizing a need to recognize the soul, that undefined by science, mysterious, animating force, that ties the mind and the brain together through the heart? Has mysticism gone mainstream? Oliver Sacks got it in that moment, he returned to source, connected with his eternal self, creations longing to know itself through experience, no right or wrong, just being … (I am reading Sculptor in the Sky by Teal Scott I more than recommend it ….)

    • this moment of Sacks recalls a few of my own, and it is what sustains me….the true and embodied presence…..somehow it’s a matter of deep trust….something more primal than faith….isn’t if funny how mainstream psychology really hasn’t addressed spirituality except TP?…..sad to think spirituality/soul/religion/mysticism has lost so much solid credibility …..and yet I hate to see how it can get so watered down (at best) when it is brought to light……the book is in my amazon cart….hope you catch a sliver of the new moon g.f.s…..

  2. Perhaps the most cruel thing we can ever do is to look inward without the thought to be kind, to be gentle, to be understanding. Our greatest failure is to be without the courage to love ourselves with honesty and humility.

    • I so agree…..I focus a lot on self-compassion in my yoga classes…..can’t really root through shadows without it…..ode to the wild soul women Bobbie….

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