can we be strong in profound humility?

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We search everywhere outside ourselves to try to find ourselves. We collect experiences, relationships, knowledge, and objects. We hope recognition from others to validate our importance. But while we may have found pleasure or rewards in various ways, we have often overlooked our greatest gift, hidden in plain sight- our own passionate presence. We overlook this gift because we are so busy searching elsewhere for something more. As long as we depend on an enhanced sense of ourselves to be happy, we are likely to be disappointed. Telling ourselves stories about what is missing forces us into a relentless pursuit of desires, skin, as my teacher Poonjaji would say, to beasts of burden driven by a madman. Happiness comes in relaxed simplicity, living in present awareness, and contentment with this life that is granted. What is known as realization is merely feeling this immaculate presence here and now, realizing or being fully cognizant of the ordinary miracle of just being…..Catherine Ingram

As Pope Francis steps up in his awesome task of leading with humility and love, may the ideal of fierce peace allow us to sink into the presence of the holy (however we may differ in its definition) surrounding us, in us, and within our lives. With the paradoxical simplicity of humility, we can shift into a more subtle identity of the life that surrounds us in its blazing determination to see us through somehow……

In standing absolutely still in the midst of our conflicted, conceptual world, we may discover the explosion of unity and love, that is the bare actuality of life. Here is the challenge. Stop. Look. Listen. Nothing is in the way. Spontaneously, life is bursting forth……Steven Harrison

live in light and feed the shadows

As I walked this evening through the dappled light and snow, I caught the first shadows of the eclipse that is going on tonight. The origin of the word, moksa, which we use to describe enlightenment or awakening, has its roots in the symbolism of the eclipse. Moksa, refers to the last phase of a eclipse where as one body begins to move out of the way of the other, the latter shines forth. I like this understanding of moksa much more than the term enlightenment. It’s fraught with too much cultural interpretation and obscures what it feels like as we gradually recognize the way our minds are capped with and stained by our old blinding habits. Just as the eclipsed moon is stained by the shadow of the earth as it slowly crosses between the sun and the moon, awakening can happen and then be overshadowed by everyday, earthly existence. If we think of moksa as moving up and out of this body or the cessation of all thinking, enlightenment becomes an impossible and unhealthy vertical achievement. We are here in bodies, in clothes, experiencing or encountering, or entangled with one another. There is nothing so precious and so beautiful……Michael Stone

3 thoughts on “can we be strong in profound humility?

  1. Isn’t enlightenment really just seeing things as they are? – Adyashanti
    The ego seems to always seek some reward for everything it does, we are hard wired that way from the moment we take our first meal from our mothers breast, she is so proud of her little newborn ! And so it goes, every day a new challenge, a new conquest and more recognition from family and friends. When it comes to undoing all of that, isn’t the ego so confused … Only through understanding that the greatest reward, the greatest conquest is seeing itself as it truly is. Perhaps it does take a moksa, an eclipse, and a return of light to enable the ego to see things as they are …

    • and maybe with moska, it’s a bit less of a judgment on the ego…..less striving needed….not about what we don’t have or can’t do, but about what we already know…..these incredibly messy lives we live are really the way it is…..why is the ideal not about being ok with that? I’m knee deep in mine today, and the birds are playing in the bird bath….I’m anticipating a walk and as always, working on letting go……hope you are awake in your messy day too…..

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