can doing nothing pull us into alignment?


When we stop regarding the unreal as real,

then reality alone will remain, and we will be that.

….Ramana Maharshi

meaning, happiness and calm elude us when we try too hard….and yet these are spiritual rites of passage…..being dismayed and tired and full of longing….we squander our beautiful life to make it whole once again when we rest and reclaim what is never lost…

Most of us are habitual doers; we want to get somewhere and have something to show for it. We live in a world where self-improvement is a high priority and our accomplishments are the measure of our worth. When we hear that the very concepts of doer and doing lose their relevance on the spiritual path and that practice plays no real role in transformation, it becomes ever more difficult to comprehend. In the modern world we search unceasingly for answers, experiences, insights, and attainment, so claims that there is nowhere to go and nothing to gain can be baffling. And those engulfed in suffering, when told that change and improvement are not only unnecessary but antithetical to enlightenment, often find such paradoxical guidance perplexing, if not outright callous. How are we to do anything without doing? The simple truth is that the rational mind cannot make sense of the paradoxical nature of esoteric spirituality. Religious scholar Reza Shah-Kazemi explains, ‘Knowledge of the Absolute in itself is attainable exclusively through being the Absolute,’ and this is possible only when we awaken to the fact that we indeed are the Absolute and not the mind-created self we so long believed we were.’ The yearning from within, pulling us back to the Source, is the voice of the immanent Divine in the human breast calling to itself to come home. Is it by the ocean’s grace that the wave finds the shore or the creek winds its way back to its source? The key to the gateless gate is not turned by our actions or efforts. There is no secret formula, no expedient we need to find, and no ‘skillful means’ that will enable us to cross to the other side of the veil. The entrance is blocked until naked awareness, the beginning and end of the human experience, allows us to see it has never been closed. Nothing needs to be done……John Greer

just take it easy a little while…..

It takes an honest heart and mind to acknowledge

that we don’t really know what purpose there is

to existence or that there is any purpose at all.

…..Catherine Ingram

6 thoughts on “can doing nothing pull us into alignment?

  1. Sometimes, we should allow ourselves the extreme pleasure of doing nothing more than breathing, of taking in the universe and letting go our expectations of it. Beautiful reminder that I need to head to the beach soon. ~ Love, Bobbie

    • sand under feet……heart under sun…….bliss under wave…….shell under palm……breath under spirit…..bliss……happy spring Bobbie….

    • and it’s practical!……we can’t possibly ‘know’ so ‘being’ relieves the burden……love the deductive reasoning of that……we are meant to live so much more spontaneously than we do…..and how about ‘who are you?’ rather than ‘what do you do?’…….hope your day is easy g.f.s…..

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