something whole rising up from the deep

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Have you searched the vastness

for something you have lost?

…..Robert Service

discerning our truth from what is false is only a choice so far as being awake and not being awake is ennobling…….this vulnerability we carry finds us held in the mystery, floating just above water, completely authentic in our heavy hearts…..

I only know there is a time to listen to the whole and a time to listen to the part, a time to listen for how things go together and a time to shut out everything so we can hear what lives beneath our masks. We listen differently if in a quiet wood or on a city street, if eager for daybreak or longing for sunset. We listen one way to what we’ve lost and another way to what we’ve found. I know what a roller coaster of feelings and thoughts the days can become and want to affirm that no one feeling or thought holds the future, though each tries to convince us that it does. Our soul- with its insistence on finding the still point from which it keeps rising- carries us through the seasons of our lives. This still point under all that keeps moving waits under every season we can imagine. It is the silent center that keeps us sane. The seasons of our lives have a common immovable ground, around which the weather of our lives unfolds. Each passing year, we are asked to return to the ground of our spirit in order to go on…….Mark Nepo

retreating deep into watered soul….

Dawn. A salmon fog floats through the city, carried on the breath of the river. The sun waits beyond the Nydegg Bridge, throws its long, reddened spikes along Kramgasse to the giant clock that measures time, illuminates the underside of balconies. Sounds of morning drift through the streets like the smell of bread. A child wakes and cries for her mother. An awning creaks quietly as the milliner arrives at his shop on Marktgasse. An engine whines on the river. Two women talk softly beneath an arcade. This is a world of changed plans, of sudden opportunities, of unexpected visions. For in this world, time flows not evenly but fitfully, and as consequence, people receive fitful glimpses of the future. For those who have not had their vision, this is a world of inactive suspense. Such people sleep most of the day and wait for their vision to come. Thus, in this world of brief scenes from the future, few risks are taken. Those who have seen the future do not need to take risks, and those who have not yet seen the future wait for their vision without taking risks. Who would fare better in this world of fitful time? Those who have seen the future and live only one life? Or those who have not seen the future and wait to live life? Or those who deny the future and live two lives?……Alan Lightman

4 thoughts on “something whole rising up from the deep

  1. Authenticity, maybe the tag caught the corner of my eye, we deny our truest purpose when we stop being authentic. But what does that mean? Ye that have ears let them hear, and who has eyes, let them see … See the reality of the unfolding universe around us, what makes a flower bloom, or how does a wing enable the fight of a songbird … Expression, we have created language to express ourselves, and then that language creates a barrier to what is authentic … We shape our tools and then our tools shape us – Marshal McLuhan. May there be a river of light flowing through your day …

    • We have created a cage for ourselves through our fear and judgments…..when we unfold we see, when we expect it all to be a certain way, there’s no place to go….love that wild and beautiful natural world…..such a profound reminder of our inherent unfolding….leap far today g.f.s…..

  2. In our rush to be all knowing, we lose touch with our sight. In our hunger to know what lies beyond the ocean, we lose the sweet warmth of sand between our toes. In our quest to be something more, we lose something more……… 🙂 Within my soul, a penny not forgotten was tossed to me, a well. ~ Love to you this day, Blue……. May the seeds (never forgotten) break free the confines of soil. ~ Always, Bobbie

    • love how you describe this as ‘hunger’… descriptive and real…..our humanness is such a conundrum….nothing more natural than hunger, yet how do we understand this hunger, this longing? may we hold our hunger gently, simply learning and growing from it…..beautiful, ripe seeds you are planting Bobbie…

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