the drumming sounds of internal rhythm


Deep listening requires letting go of our internal argument with the world. Before we can truly listen, we must exhaust ourselves of our assumptions. In truth, if we are to ever glimpse the world outside the stubborn certainty of our minds, we have to put down our ready answer to everything. This necessitates an inner discipline so that I don’t finish your sentence in my mind, or search my storehouse of opinions for a rebuttal or defense of the world as I see it. Much of our isolation and sense of difference comes from our inability to slow down and let in what is before us. Regardless of the medium, this is the beginning of art, the honest listening, without pretense or judgment, to life as it meets us. So the physics of deep listening is that we stumble beautifully into the spaces between our sufferings. This is why we dare to listen, so we might drop together into the truth that holds us all. In a spiritual sense, to synthesize means to discover the coherent whole of life that connects us by daring to mix our individual elements. The way blue and yellow mixed will make green visible, your heart and mine, mixed through true listening, will make visible the color of the Earth…….Mark Nepo

meaningful things fill us up like waves of sweet, warm sunshine…..our unique rhythms are evoked into captivating richness….like a tribal dance we have discovered from unearthing truth….allow the mercurial mind to bring you into your life…..

In the spiritual dimensions of ourselves, we are free. This is not a freedom from life and it is a freedom of life. It means that our being itself is free and that our awareness, love, and sensation are available to receive and respond to life. The more we attune to fundamental consciousness, the more our thoughts, feelings, sensations, perceptions, and actions seem to emerge directly from the empty, all-pervasive space of fundamental consciousness. When we live in our essential awareness, we have our own unique understanding of life, our own perspective. It is important to remain open to the unfolding of our own insight. When we can hear and express our spontaneous thoughts, we help to bring truth into the world. Even if we do not relate with many people, we help our culture become more intelligent and authentic, and we help it progress in its understanding of reality……Judith Blackstone

finding the new realm of soul trance……

Constant superficial conversation keeps us from noticing what’s going on with us emotionally or spiritually or in our bodies. Small talk alienates us from ourselves- perhaps a purpose as well as a result. In order to approach the deeper truths of our soul, we must quiet the inner chatter. Sacred speech is conversation that deepens. It deepens relationship and enhances the fullness of our presence wherever we are and whomever we are with. It is dialogue centered in what exists here and now between us. We speak from the heart and address what truly matters- our feelings, imagery, dreams, life purpose, our relationships, soul stories, our discoveries of how we project aspects of self onto others or learn to withdraw those projections, and our meetings with remarkable humans, animals, plants, and places. The more real our conversations become, the more alive we become, the more we want to scream or shout or cry…..Bill Plotkin

6 thoughts on “the drumming sounds of internal rhythm

  1. I read recently that most people listen so they can reply, not so that they can understand … It is difficult to reach someone who is centered in this way, yet conversation is essential regardless. Like the strings of a lute, at some point we can create a harmony, a resonance that causes a ringing in another place, heard but not listened to, allowing an opening where truth rushes in … May you find music on the wind today …

    • yes oh yes….to create space for our soul to speak…..away from the blather of the everyday…..listening to the wind…..finding trees to talk to…..sending the breeze your way g.f.s……

  2. Years ago, I read a book by Elizabeth Berg in which a young girl talks about her ‘treasure box’, a cigar box filled with various trinkets – nothing really valuable except to her. I knew in reading that most women have similar boxes (likely most men as well) – and I thought of how in our passing, those left behind would do well to find those boxes – the sum of what mattered to us – the sweet invaluable treasure that is life and love. I have many glasses in my cabinet, and yet I prefer to drink wine from a jelly glass, one that belonged to my granny. She never drank wine from it (although she does now in a way)……. It is my treasure and I would give every piece of china away for that piece of my own breath. Let us well up in the presence of sun, and linger long on the windowsill once it finds us. ~ Love, Bobbie

    • oh, I so love this…..I, too, have these ‘treasures’ of course……so many of mine are feathers, acorns, shells, sticks, rocks……will toast a cheers to your granny…….may sunshine fill this jelly glass with love every time……

      • O, me too………my favorite bookmarks are actually feathers……….and although I’ve been told they carry a host of parasites, I’ve yet to notice anything except a swelling of joy just beneath my collarbone………. 🙂

    • I met a man once who had a large book shelf in his office filled with many different souvenirs from his travels all over the world. THis idea captivated me and seemed such a great conversation started so I made a similar shelf in my house when we built it 7 years ago. On it I put an item from each place I visit and while my travels have not been as extensive as his I have my keepsakes from each location in my little box which happens to be a 12 foot book case. lol

      It is admired by many who come to my home and I enjoy the memories when I look at each of those little treasures. Some are purchased and some are found but all remind me of the time enjoyed.Ultimately the treasures will not go with me when I leave this earth but those memories will and the joy they bring each time I see one of those items is precious.

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