wayward, forlorn, & human

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Did the rose

Ever open its heart

And give to this world

All its


It felt the encouragement of light

Against its



We all remain




seeds of self-forgiveness sprout in the tender, cold ground of emptiness…..no false faces….no happy pretense….simply a pure and courageous communion with the self….there are no tests…..it is ok to be human……healing your own heart is beautiful work..

When Ram Dass suffered a massive cerebral hemorrhage in 1997, he had more than four decades of spiritual training to help guide him. One of the American pioneers in bringing Eastern spirituality to the West, he had explored meditation practices from Hindu, Buddhist, Advaita, and other traditions and introduced several generations to meditation and the path of devoted service. Nonetheless, in the hours after his devastating stroke, he lay on a gurney staring at the pipes on the hospital ceiling, feeling utterly helpless and alone. No uplifting thoughts came to rescue him, and he was unable to regard what was happening with mindfulness or self-compassion. In that crucial moment, as he put it bluntly, ‘I flunked the test.’ I sometimes tell Ram Dass’s story to students who worry that they too have ‘flunked the test.’ They have practiced meeting difficulties, but then they encounter a situation where the fear or distress or pain is so great that they just cannot arouse mindful presence. I start by trying to help them judge themselves less harshly. At such times, our first step toward true refuge- often the only one available to us- is to discover some sense of caring connection with the life around and within us. We need to enter refuge through the gateway of love. In the midst of his powerlessness and despair, Ram Dass began to pray to Maharajji, his beloved guru, who to him had always been a pure emanation of love. The gateway of love is a felt sense of care and relatedness- with a loved one, with the earth, with a spiritual figure, and ultimately, with awareness itself. Just as a rose needs the encouragement of light, we need love……Tara Brach

listen closely……be well…….

Be Ground

Be crumbled,

so wildflowers will come up where you are.

You’ve been stony for too many years.

Try something different.



5 thoughts on “wayward, forlorn, & human

  1. These are beautiful reminders of the way on which we move, the way on which we are set into being, literally a consciousness of of light that is our own choosing. Many would argue otherwise, that our life is not our own, it is God’s will, are we not one and the same? Are we not light? To believe in the light with the faith of a mustard seed, is to know that through light we know God, we know the way, and the way is in us, and we are the way … Thank you for this reminder as the week opens up before us … May roses bloom for you !

    • I think many misunderstand the idea of surrender……it is not giving up or giving in…it is not believing that we don’t have choices….it is ‘being with nature’ I think…..allowing life to unfold while we choose how we will deal with it…..such a subtle beauty in the rose unfolding……blessings g.f.s….may nature feed your soul this beautiful spring day…….

  2. In the sweet stillness of breath, I’ve found my way back to home time and again. As I was telling someone this morning, there are things (poetry, grace, loss) that we must ‘sit with’ in order to comprehend. And in that pool of acceptance, we can be reborn, freed from the illusion of chains. The way is hardly ever as overgrown as we perceive. ~ Love to you. ~ Bobbie

    • oh so pretty……like light catching our hearts and pulling us in……I witnessed such beauty reconciled this past weekend…volunteering at a weekend camp for kids who are grieving some kind of loss in their family…..amazing to see them move with their feelings…..courageous, trusting, hurt and yet moving with life….I like the idea of weeds as wildflowers…..changes the whole perspective…..blessings to poetry, grace, and loss Bobbie….

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