the luminous, open-sky mind…..

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God has prepared a path for everyone to follow.

You just have to read the omens that he left for you.

….Paulo Coehlo

spinning up into unremitting softness……

The consciousness of abundance is a characteristic of actualizing individuals. They experience love as their ground of being, attaining a deep awareness of the infinite richness, intricacy and order of the universe, an awareness that itself is a sign of the illumined mind. To a great extent, that consciousness is ‘goal-less,’ feels as if it has everything, and is motivated to give from the experience of having attained everything needed. Because actualized individuals experience themselves as ‘completed,’ they see the world richly, even when their five senses contradict such subjective opulence. In varying degrees, these people reveal the paradox of wholeness: as they dedicate themselves sacrificially to a self-affirming life (and this is what others will often label as ‘selfish’), more power and a more abundant ability to love are born. The ‘standing-in’ sort of love empowers such individuals to be life-affirming- in a  broad sense- and also fuels their intuitive leaps of faith. Ultimately, these leaps spark further strength and will to give selflessly to others…….Marsha Sinetar

tears come close to the surface and we are released into healing…..our wounds are made of loss and realizations of time…..when we spiral into our soul inspiration, we heal and then we heal others….authenticity broods over beauty, dimming our fears…..

The Net

Were the consequences so dire

Of one false crossing

On board a ship

Across black water

Cold and dark-

So frightfully alone, that now you falter?

Freedom lies across the gap-

A mediocre safety on this side.

Will you dare to jump

And risk the drop?

The prize you seek awaits

But you can never walk around.

The only way is there-

Across the gap.

What if it’s nothing-

A mirage, an illusion?

An abyss made of dreams and rumors-

Another lie to be dispelled?

Let go the edges.

Have faith, for once.

You’ve never seen the net

That’s been there all along.

You are the net yourself.

Step out.

Cheryl Eckl

2 thoughts on “the luminous, open-sky mind…..

  1. Oh, how we do hold back, It is what we are taught, how we have learned, and rare is the soul who feels the question rise – Why? Nebulous, yet simple in its beginning, one word causes the first fracture in the shell from which the true and free self is born… The eyes look up and ask why don’t clouds fall down, the ears hear the birds and wonder at their language, the scent of flowers causes wonder at butterfly wings, and the beating of the heart becomes the center of the universe … Angels gather and their wings brush our cheeks. May your questions find song today …

    • such tenderness in these words……the poetics of language has its own deep mystery……the truest sense of wonderment invites us to move beyond the everyday, and isn’t that just so welcoming? you are touched by wings g.f.s….

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