finding wild soul in the calm, irrefutable reality

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When there is too much predator and not enough wild soul, the economic, social, emotional, and religious structures of culture gradually begin to distort the most soulful resources, both in spirit and in the outer world. Natural cycles are starved into unnatural shapes, lacerated with unwise uses, or else put to death. The value of what is wild and visionary is denigrated, and dark speculations are made about how dangerous the instinctual nature really is. Thus stripped of authentic sanctity and meaning, destructive and painful means and methods are rationalized as superior. The deepest work is usually the darkest. So do not be afraid to investigate the worst. It only guarantees increase of soul power through fresh insights and opportunities for re-visioning one’s life and self anew……Clarissa Pinkola Estes

we assert our right to be by opening and refusing the mundane…..warrior spirits find sustenance in soul work and the hush of beauty…..and they grow through the forbidden, the alarming suffering of the world, and the indisputible sunrise and sunset…..

Ideas about the soul have evolved over the centuries, reflecting developments in human being’s experience of themselves. At its simplest, the evolution of ideas about the soul is conceived as a ‘quasi-physical reality of some kind, such as a vapor, body or fire. Later ideas about the soul incorporated what we would now describe as psychological qualities such as desire, thought, will, self-consciousness and personality. Only relatively recently, it seems did concepts of the soul begin to include the idea of our human connection with a divine reality. Given these very different levels of explanation, confusion can arise, I suggest, when these levels are confounded- for example in the belief that our divine soul (or transpersonal self) has an individual personality, or that human personality has a continuing (immortal) physical substrate. Being an aspect of human experience, the soul is something that can be investigated. Whatever the terminology we decide to use, it is vital that our psychological concepts honor and do justice to the richness and variety of human experience……Matthew Fox

knowing spirit is inexplicable…..

We enter our sacred garden through a variety of gates. They open us to that innermost place in ourselves that is at once natural, familiar, and exquisitely intimate. We go through these entry points in different ways and at different times in our spiritual unfolding, searching for them not out of any dreary sense of obligation or duty, but out of a yearning for what is personally real and true. This yearning is essential because it comes from the immediacy of our lives, and that is just what we need to find and live from: the penetrating alertness that lets us connect with what is sacred……S.R. Anderson & P. Hopkins

6 thoughts on “finding wild soul in the calm, irrefutable reality

  1. That song’s got soul, he’s an old soul, we want to find our soul mates … There are so many varieties of context of the word, I think it is best to use the analogy of the rose – as they say, a rose, is a rose, is a rose … One must believe that simply uttering the word allows the energy to stir in us, and our so very crystallized light bodies begin to vibrate free from matter … The very thought of a soul moves us closer together through being … Even words have soul, for they are the linkage between us now as this is read, the web of life’s expression … Still harbors for your day …

    • this soul consciousness is tangible in the rose… wild and connected and intricate…….moving us all together is so true…….revealing our wild oneness….I love that it cannot be defined, captured or explained away…..ode to the rose g.f.s…..

  2. I love this, Blue. My favorite line of yours ~ indisputible sunrise and sunset. Reminders that nothing bad lasts forever, and that regardless the dark, morning will surely come (even if we beg it not). Our heart races forward as thoughts urge us stay, caught as we are on the tides of all time. ~ Wishing you an amazing twilight. ~ Love, Bobbie

    • as the full moon approaches, I am reminded that time has its own way….it’s not about my schedule…..the soul makes itself known when I sigh and glance out the window, caught in birdsong…..when I am making art…..and when I sip tea at dawn……breathe the moon in deeply and sigh to the soul’s blessings tonight Bobbie

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