the sweet nothings of the intimate heart


Involuntary and immediate feeling reveals to us the meaning of love as the highest manifestation of individual life, which finds in union with another being its own proper infinity……Vladimir Solovyov

may you remember your love longings….your sweet illusions…..your inner enigmas….from first love to the delicate balance of unconditional love, we seek union and identity and soul harmony in the heart’s slumbering moods….ode to the charm of love….

Human tragedy is often rooted in an inability or an unwillingness to love. Some people close themselves off from love either because they are afraid, because they feel unloved or because they are clinging to an illusion of perfect love. To recognize an inner source of love is to access a source of self healing without which therapeutic techniques are of limited value. Healing hearts and minds depends on opening to love in spite of fear of trusting its guidance on the spiritual path…..Frances Vaughan

seeing through the lovelies….

Axiom: you are a sea.

Your eye-

lids curve over chaos

My hands

where they touch you, create

small inhabited islands

Soon you will be

all earth: a known

land, a country.

…….Margaret Atwood

4 thoughts on “the sweet nothings of the intimate heart

  1. I have to gather several posts I have read this morning into a commentary, the synchronicity is amazing, with yours being the summary of good vs evil and the dark night of the soul. Yes, it is our illusion of separateness that drives our fear, anger, and hatred. The heart knows … May love find you in your meditations today ….

    • love these full moon synchronicities…..we unwind our courage with being-ness…..feet planted, look up to the wonder……find your heart in a poem g.f.s….

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