purpose & sorrow intertwined


We live in a world of unreality, of illusion.

The main point is not that the world

or even our ultimate selves are illusory,

however but that our ideas about reality

and ourselves created illusions…..Charles Tart

your tears, my tears, their tears…..our pain is reflected in others’ beauty and sorrow….that small unfolding moment uplifts our fragility when we remember….safety is finding Source….love comes when we find ourselves first…..may we live close to sorrow….

When we stop denying our own sorrow and open our hearts to the suffering of others, we can genuinely grieve the losses, disappointments and pain of the world. In the depths of sorrow, we may discover that personal pain reflects the suffering of all creatures. From this awareness compassion is born. One day, shortly after going through a difficult divorce, I was sitting in a silent meditation retreat and felt overwhelmed with sorrow. I felt at times that my tears were not my tears alone. I seemed to be crying for all people whose dreams had been shattered and who had faced painful losses in their lives. My tears, like all tears, signaled a letting go of defenses against deep feeling. Letting go and allowing the barriers I had built against the ocean of compassion to crumble, I sometimes felt frightened and dreamed of drowning in this ocean. As I stayed with it and dove deeper into it, in spite of fear, I found myself in a world of soul, experiencing a deep sense of connection to others, as if they were a part of me. As an unknown rabbi said, ‘It is only when the heart breaks that God can enter.’…..Frances Vaughan

reinventing heartbreak….

We have to begin to sense the tears for ourselves before we can cry for others. These tears are actually a great gift. They are the same moisture that brings new life out of the dry earth every spring. For the Lakota Sioux, grief is considered a great gift because they believe the gods are closest to us when we are suffering. But it is necessary to learn that you are worthy of being loved. Self-compassion and self-forgiveness are not weaknesses, but the roots of our courage and magnanimity. Even if you lose touch with these feelings during your most intense suffering, compassion is an essential part of our true nature. In fact, it is in this self-compassion and self-love that you find the strength to carry the lamp through your darkest nights. Through them you learn how to connect with the sufferings and the sorrows of all those around…..Jack Kornfield

5 thoughts on “purpose & sorrow intertwined

  1. Like a magic spell it was a profound sadness that caused me to pick up my pen at age 16 and start journaling, and the insights I have gained, and more recently shared with others have sown me a connection we all feel. There are times when I am listening to a song and am overwhelmed by its sadness, I now know it is becaused of the connectedness I feel, not some frailty … And what arises from it is a great strength … May illusions part for you today, so that beauty shines through …

    • Such a wondrous sensitivity born of the dark night of the soul……may this gate you’re entering be filled with grace…..a fragrance as light as wind yet born of history’s rhythm…..holding space for deep sadness g.f.s…..

  2. I love this, Blue. I am reminded (again) of the need for storytellers – those willing to sit close to the sorrow, to write it down, to worry with it and distill it with tears (angels melted down). It is that willingness (I believe) which offers the most comfort. Whenever I am confronted with sorrow or the presence of someone abandoned by life or love, I say simply, ‘tell me’, ‘tell me the story of this person, this love, this hole’. As writers, our responsibility is both to understand and to share, the burden that is love – the burden that is life. Let us sit close enough that tears are never fallen alone. ~ Ever love, Bobbie

    • Thank you for validating how we are capable of ‘being’ with one another….to honor another’s story of deep challenge is to know nature’s seasons……thank you for being a companion in this integration of darkness and light….this transcendence into the ordinary and the sacred…..soft tears Bobbie…..

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