the sun burns behind the clouds

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We are intimately acquainted, you and me.

I am the Creator and Sustainer, the life force

that animates the trees, the faith that transforms

belief into something deeper.

I am as eloquent in death as birth, the always and

forever essence of emptiness and breath.

Speak any of ten thousand names and I am there

before the words leave your lips.

It is I who lift the heavens up, bind water into ice

or send it flowing toward the ocean.

You know me in every moment, yet you can’t own,

define, or even make me line up with what your mind

would posit as reality.

My presence doesn’t leave when your awareness

shifts from prayer to serving tea. The mind will

often need to focus elsewhere, but that doesn’t

change the truth of me.

There are countless ways I can present myself to you,

but what is it that I truly wish to say?

It’s this: Don’t miss me in the rush to get things done.

I’m here right now, the pinnacle and root of love.

You don’t have to stop doing what is yours to do,

retire to a cave, close the curtains tight, or meditate

from dusk to daylight.

I’m here right now. You are so much a part of me

that you tend to miss the forest in the trees.

Choose to behold me. Choose to know me. Choose

to acknowledge the communion occurring even as

you read these words.

Choice is all that is required for the spark of me

within you to catch fire.

……Dana Faulds

this willingness to wake up from a sound, dreamless, and quiet sleep calls us to be visible, enlivened by truth, and present with the muck of the heart….this is humble work…..this is perspective from the deep….beautiful, mysterious work…..

Many indigenous cultures and spiritual traditions recognize four natural sanctuaries where we can remember and come home to who we are: the desert, the mountains, the waters, and the woods. Nature comes from the Latin ‘natus,’ ‘to be born.’ Native peoples look to these places for remembrance, soul retrieval work, and to be reborn or renewed. Because we are made from the natural elements- fire (our energy), air (our breath), water (our blood), and earth (our bones),- we are always drawn to come into harmony with the beauty of nature around us. It nourishes the soul and opens us to be born into the mysterious presence and promptings of our own vast inner world……Angeles Arrien

unfolding quietude

The way of Silence is more joyful than most other spiritual work mainly because it is not a path at all, and only requires that we look around and ‘feel,’ and as we notice these qualities of noise, it is possible to clear them, though not by doing anything in particular. Each time we notice some new noise we also find it possible to go even deeper into the Silence, and it is this deepening that does the clearing. Rhythm is as important as the practice itself because it brings us into harmony with the great rhythms governing the world: the rhythms of the growth and death of plants, the rhythms of the movement of the planets and the stars, the rhythms of the tides under the influence of the moon, and the rhythms of all organisms. These rhythms, in turn, reflect the movements of the planets. We start to sense the presence, at the edges of our body, of extremely subtle currents that have a unique quality. These currents  are neither ‘energy’ nor the electromagnetic currents of the body. We experience the currents of Silence as being touched by a spiritual presence. The whole nature of the currents of Silence is that of the presence of an interiority…..Robert Sardello

4 thoughts on “the sun burns behind the clouds

  1. Much to reflect on here … Of the four places, I have found the mountains to be most profound, maybe because of the un-familiarity, being a native Long Islander, water was always my element, the place where land, water, and air meet being ever present to me, became not seeing the forest for the trees. But the mountains west of Denver, and the high Sierras have a crystalline spark to me that speaks truth to the line “nearer my God to thee” whether in sun, wind, fog or ice, the mountains always speak to me this way. I have read there are those who can live almost entirely off of the mountain air … It nourishes the soul, giving life to the body … Yes, there are etheric currents in all these elements, the inhabitants of these realms; fairies, gnomes, selphs, and nymphs, elementals that delight in our feelings, yet the magician, one who would know them must take care, as they do not discriminate about feelings good or bad, feelings are feelings to them …
    May your garden dance with gnomes today !

    • ‘etheric currents’……yes, and it seems it’s all about ‘listening’ to the land…..Native American cultures knew this….I wonder what it is about mountains, because I connect deeply to the ocean, but it’s completely different in the peaks…..just went hiking in the Shenandoah Mountains and the stark spring ‘woke me up’…..wild and yes, non-discriminating….know your blessings today g.f.s……

  2. There is a heaviness to silence born of grief. That’s what I think of when I read your post today – the weight of love and the weight of loss. I remember when my grandmother died, I woke every morning for weeks absolutely certain it had been a bad dream. And then one day, I woke to the smell of burning leaves (somewhere near). Maybe that’s why it’s one of my favorite smells – because it feels like the end and the beginning of something all at once. ~ Love, Bobbie

    • this is so beautiful and delicate… the weight of love curled in like a hug….your sensitive light breathes oh so softly…..may your day be long with light Bobbie…..

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