immersing in the limits of wholeness


You’ll find that the only thing you really want from life is to feel enthusiasm, joy and love. If you can feel that all the time, then who cares what happens outside? If you can always feel up, if you can always feel excited about the experience of the moment, then it doesn’t make any difference what the experience is. No matter what it is, it’s beautiful when you feel that way inside. So you learn to stay open not matter what happens. If you do, you have for free what everybody else is struggling for, love, enthusiasm, excitement, and energy. You realize that defining what you need in order to stay open actually ends up limiting you. When your heart starts to close up, say, ‘No. I’m not going to close. I’m going to relax. I’m going to let this situation take place and be there with it.’ As long as you are defining what you like and don’t like, you will open and close. You are actually defining your limits. Dare to be different. Enjoy all of your life…..Michael Singer

deciding to be and act a certain way that is soul-affirming is powerful….moving the forbidden away from blame and smallness…..what is esoteric may actually be a spiritual intuition inviting in an indispensable truth….the heart is never superficial….

Study yourselves with unswerving attention, put aside all that is not self, proceed with the sense ever more closely directed to the purely inward. The more you pass by all foreign elements, making your personality appear diminished almost to the vanishing point, the clearer the Universe stands before you, and the more gloriously the terror of annihilating the fleeting is rewarded by the feeling of the eternal. Look outside again on one of the widely distributed elements of the world. Seek to understand it in itself, and seek it in particular objects, in yourself and everywhere. Traverse again and again your way from center to circumference, going ever farther afield. You will rediscover everywhere, and you will only be able to recognize it in relation to its opposite. Soon everything individual and distinct will have been lost and the Universe be found…….Friedrich Schleiermacher

remember to free-fall now and again…

What is required of us is that we love the difficult and learn to deal with it. In the difficult are the friendly forces, the hands that work on us. Right in the difficult we must have our joys, our happiness, our dreams: there against the depth of this background, they stand out, there for the first time we see how beautiful they are…..Rilke

5 thoughts on “immersing in the limits of wholeness

  1. As John F Kennedy said; (paraphrasing) … We choose to do these things not because they are easy, but because they are hard … Such is the way we grow, learning to crawl, learning to walk and talk, we take for granted these things that are not, were not easy, and then fear climbing a mountain or speaking out against injustice, when we as babies we conquered our world! We each must remember our greatness, not succumb to repitition, like the caged tiger pacing, wearing a rut into the floor. We build our own confines, and we have the power to tear them down. Where is the willingness ? May your difficulties today gently lift you beyond them …

    • I actually feel it physically when I am in a rut, digging into a subtle complacency that sneaks up on me…I run fast when I sense it….there’s very little that’s worse than that….but facing challenge and risk is where we breathe more deeply and fully…..our comfort zone is indeed a cage…..blessings for freedom singing in your bones g.f.s…..

  2. If there’s one thing I fear, it is the fear of not being present – of not choosing to live, to fly, to fall and break, to get up ~ to love without regard to the possibility of loss. Life is filled with unanswered questions, but it is the courage to seek those answers that gives meaning to life. We can spend our days wallowing in despair, wondering why we were the one who was led towards the road strewn with pain, or we can be grateful for the strength to survive it. We (I) can be grateful that from sorrows, amazing gardens grow. I am grateful……… ~ Love to you, Blue. ~ Bobbie

    • Your light is bright……a courageous life is all about accepting the unknown…..a timeless freshness is what breeds optimism and boundless love…..sending magic wands of fairy-fresh pixie dust your way today Bobbie…..

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