under the stones of the night world


You can say that each ladle full of the water of life

is a dream. That’s what a dream is.

Every night, we get a sip of the water of life,

and, if we understand the dream, we are vivified.

….Marie-Louise von Franz

we travel deep and wide in our dreams……a time of reckoning and acceptance of a real life…a safe realm entwining mystery to what we love, to who we really are….whether the ego likes it or not, it’s who we are and will not be denied….bonding with our complexities..

The analysis and interpretation of dreams confront the conscious standpoint with the statements of the unconscious, thus widening its narrow horizon. This loosening up of cramped and rigid attitudes corresponds to the solution and separation of the elements by the ‘aqua permanens,’ which was already present in the ‘body’ and is lured out by the art. The water is a soul or spirit, that is, a psychic ‘substance,’ which now in its turn is applied to the initial material. This corresponds to using the dream’s meaning to clarify existing problems. ‘Solutio’ is defined by this sense by Dorn. The situation is now gradually illuminated as is a dark night by the rising moon. The illumination comes to a certain extent from the unconscious, since it is mainly dreams that put us on the track of enlightenment. This dawning light corresponds to the ‘albedo,’ the moonlight which in the opinion of some alchemists heralds the rising sun. The growing redness (rubedo) which now follows denotes an increase of warmth and light…….Carl Jung

how high can we fly?

The Greek word ‘psyche’ means ‘butterfly.’ It also denotes ‘soul.’ Dreams give your soul wings. And images from dreams are the exquisite patterns on the wings. And images from dreams are the exquisite patterns on the wings. Hold your dream as you would hold a butterfly- in your open, quiet palms. Make sure none of the delicate wing dust brushes off onto clumsy hands. Pinning the dream down with interpretation will tear the wings off the butterfly. Hold your dream images gently enough so that they can still fly……Jill Mellick

4 thoughts on “under the stones of the night world

  1. Dreaming is as complex as ‘wakefulness’. Some mornings I could detail every moment of the night’s journey, others, like Jill Mellick says fade like the fine powder of butterfly wings. To dream of flying unencumbered by the weight of the earth though is always memorable … The night before last was such … The meaning of dreams subtle, a working out of desire in a universe that is mental. It is a sojourn into a fourth dimension, a brief preparation for our next step in evolution. Today we slowly dream our world into existence, tomorrow whatever we imagine becomes real in an instant, surely we need training, lest we become like the Krell from the 1959 movie ‘Forbidden Planet’ …

    • I love how you see this as part of our evolution….dreams are such a strong case for archetypal messaging as they hone in on our delicate in-between places….dreams are safe in that they are pliable…..I hate to think that we could end up like the Krell through greed….may you have sweet dreams, weaving stories of reflection and purisms g.f.s…..

  2. Blue, I am particularly intrigued by your observation ~ to who we really are….whether the ego likes it or not. I’ve long thought that creativity is at its highest in the morning hours (the first hour after waking) for it would seem that the ego has not yet awaken. The same is true (or it is for me) that creativity that wakes me up is of the highest measure. There is no thought as to whether something works or doesn’t – whether allowed or not – it simply is.

    Our dreams are our sails, and also our anchor. Awake, time pushes us forward into another night, another day. But time in dreams is frozen. You can never get away from where you’ve been. For me, it’s another beautiful thing about dreams. May today give you momentary escapes into the dream that is reality. ~ Love, Bobbie

    • thank you for this beauteous realm of deep imagination…where the wild things play…..where the earth meets the stars….and where the fluidity of our souls finds free reign at last……may you be blessed with the open mystery….the feel of flying through your dream wings…..

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