the work of angels


All things

are too small

to hold me,

I am so vast

In the Infinite

I reach

for the Uncreated

I have touched it,

it undoes me

wider than wide

Everything else

is too narrow

You know this well,

you who are also there


the work of angels knows about the work of being…..when we stop experiencing for a moment, they step in, allowing us to dissolve into an ancient quiet, allowing us to pause in our striving for wisdom so that we may feel rich in our humanness…….

The world as a work of art could be the title of all Ficino’s philosophy- the figured, animated, living world of the astrologers and the magicians. The world, indeed, which he wanted to reconstruct in its archetype when the Sun touches the first minute of Aries, or in that fatal hour which seals the fate of a world which is being reborn- when ‘sors quaedam quasi renascentis mundi revolvitur’ (a certain destiny of the world as though being born again returns), as Ficino emphasizes in an important passage. It is neither enough to build a perfect model of the world nor only to look at it: we must also bring it within ourselves through intense meditation (not only contemplating but also refuting it in the mind) and contemplation of its painted image in the rooms in which we live. Man the microcosm, that is, must adapt himself to the macrocosm through the technique of images, he must synthesize himself and so realize perfect harmony by identifying himself with the life and with the power of everything. Art and magic meet together……Eugenio Garin

go down deep into the nest of angels….

In modern times we have reduced the internal life to a mental world of ideas and thought, and at the same time we’ve shrunk the outer world to anything that can be weighed and measured. When conversation turns to angels, dream figures, and other spirits, either we witness thoughtlessly to our irrational beliefs or from an excessively rational position we demand proof. Perhaps in reaction to what we perceive as superstition, we sometimes explain these figures away as metaphors and symbols. In an enchanted world, I would rather learn how to live on many levels at once than to reduce experience either to naive belief or superior skepticism. I’d rather discover ways to live both with my modern intelligence and with my awareness of a spiritual or preternatural order. The gift of such openness to imagination is the rich, warm, inspiring presence of a world alive with soul…..Thomas Moore

4 thoughts on “the work of angels

  1. Today’s mystics are the ones who walk between two worlds. It is no longer necessary (or possible) to leave the ‘outer’ world for the inner, contemplation becomes as vital as meditation in connecting to source … Everything is light I am told, and I truly believe that, like keys on a piano, we live in octaves of expression, as we become more familiar with the chords, life, like a symphony, unfolds before and within us … Sending music for your day …

    • there is a poem in those keys… and art and poetry are really only a few of the things that can hold such vastness….a harmony of light and magic…..I agree that there has been a paradigm shift within contemplation….just today I was completely immersed in the sunset while cooking dinner….a sublimity so delicate….thanks for sending music g.f.s….I send a sunset sigh…..

  2. Blue, I must say I am astounded (and not). I just commented on your blog post of yesterday (working my way through what I missed while away), and find that for a moment, I have no words for what just happened. Other than to know that sometimes words have no voice. Beautiful, as always. ~ Love, Bobbie

    • essence of soul spirits simply riding with you……blessings to you for sacred windows, a light breeze and the brilliance of calm….

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