on the threshold of a shifting truth

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And don’t expect any understanding;

but believe in a love that is being stored up for you

like an inheritance,

and have faith that in this love there is a strength

and a blessing so large

that you can travel as far as you wish

without having to step outside it……Rilke

what can you hold on to?

Just as there is religion and there are many religions so there is the Way and there are many ways. The first, the outpouring at the source, the second, the network of waterways issuing from it. One cannot be separated from the other. The Way divorced from its ways is a dead abstraction; the ways without being nourished by the Way cannot live. The Way is known to all religions. Always it stands for the truth and the dynamic manifestation of the truth in the holy life, the life divine; a fact superbly epitomized by Christ in his words ‘I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.’ Indeed it may be said, that the Way is not just one religious concept amongst many others, or even the central concept in any one religion, but religion and the Way are synonyms. One of the oldest religions in existence today, Shinto, denotes ‘the Divine Way’ or ‘the Way of the Gods;’ Buddhism regards itself as a vehicle progressing along the nirvanic path, and Judaism is called ‘the Way of the Lord,’ and a highway for wayfaring men, of which Isaiah says ‘It shall be called the Way of holiness.’ A Christian follows the Way of Christ, and it is now a generally accepted fact that Christianity was originally known as the religion of the Way of the Way of God, in the same manner as the Islamic term for religion in general is mashab, the Way……Edith Schnapper

to endure the work of love in this human experience calls our ideas of peacefulness into question….maybe this tangled world is the peace of promise, the spacious possibility of a life unraveling into simplicity…..a reframing of growth and adaptability….blessed be….

Symbolism is the language of the unconscious mind, the deep wisdom that is part of how we are made. Many things we do without thinking are ways the unconscious reminds us of our larger nature. It may take many years before we can draw the sword from the stone personally and know who we truly are. Before that time, the unconscious may reach out, without our knowing, to feed parts of ourselves which have been neglected and disowned and strengthen them until we can come back for them……Rachel Naomi Remen

4 thoughts on “on the threshold of a shifting truth

  1. I can’t help but be reminded of a conversation with a friend earlier this week as she spoke to me about the process/discovery that she has breast cancer. Just last week, another friend lost her partner of 22 years. My father shakes more as the wrinkles around his eyes deepen, babies grow up and leave the nest, trees fall and rivers dry. Yet somewhere a new bloom awakens, and rain washes a parched ground. Always it is. Is peace the place where none of that matters? Surely not for to be without the sorrow surely implies a place where joy (love) is not known. Love threatens our solitude, as it should. It should rouse us from sleeping, turning both bed and dreams upside down. Peace comes in the understanding that to love is to feel, to know is to not. To reap is to surrender. Such a sweet beautiful truth, the lessons love teaches. ~ Ever love, Bobbie

    • ‘rouse us from sleeping’…..yes! The synchronicities are so close to your heart……full on love and pain……from one serendipitous soul to another…….with gratitude for your calm light….

    • indeed, ‘some supposed truth’….Remen’s quote and your poem comfort me with a knowing that all is at it should be……the inner unconscious and magic doing it’s work regardless….thank you for this….’the path is yours for learning’…..blessings for a fun ride in the topsy turvy Way g.f.s……

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