from heart to tongue to a whisper


Storytelling is imaginative and creative in nature. It is an act by which man strives to realize his capacity for wonder, meaning, and delight. It is also an act in which man invests and preserves himself in the context of ideas. Man tells stories in order to understand his experience, whatever it may be. The possibilities of storytelling are precisely those of understanding the human experience. ….N. Scott Momaday

imagine speaking in tongues or not speaking or knowing many languages or writing in code……how connected are we in our words? are they enough? how much confusion do we cause? how much beauty? poetry? tenderness?

Words are intimately connected to thought, to the very flow of consciousness. ‘How can I tell what I think till I see what I say?’ asked E.M. Forster. At first glance, this quip may be no more than a gloss on the old saw, ‘think before you speak,’ but I think that Forster is driving at something more profound. He is suggesting that thought and speech are one and the same; that our thoughts lead at best a shadow existence until they are married to words. As another old saw has it: ‘Speech is the mother, not the handmaid of thought.’ Approaching this level of being- the very act that makes us human- we immediately enter the religious realm. Words, no less than silence, escort us to the spirit…….P. Zaleski & P. Kaufman

finding destiny

All words are spiritual- nothing is more spiritual than words- Whence are they? along how many thousands and tens of thousands of years have they come? those eluding, fluid, beautiful, fleshless, realities, Mother, Father, Water, Earth, Me, This, Soul, Tongue, House, Fire……Walt Whitman


4 thoughts on “from heart to tongue to a whisper

  1. Ahhh….the story. Regardless the words or the choices, there’s always another (a choice) of what to tell and what to not. A story told becomes part of another one, someone else’s beginning and end, our truth weaved with others. For every moment shared, there’s another too fragile for words. For every scar, there’s a telling to hard for voice. I believe that storytellers are the real immortal ones, for they put to words what others have forgotten. ~ Beautiful. ~ Bobbie

    • wisely stated……storytellers weave homes for the soul…..little nests for those forgotten words, just as you said so eloquently…..alignment and authenticity…..may you study the old bones and be reignited every day….creating hymns through your pen…..lovely, haunting poem-songs, Bobbie…

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