an ancient synchronicity

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Theoretical considerations of cause and effect

often look pale and dusty

in comparison to the results of chance.

…..Carl Jung

the natural world is ruthless in its star-gazing ways of showing us where to believe….when we advance toward our dreams, we become guardians of the other-world…..richness and emergence mark our path…..this primal truth is like a labyrinth to the heart…..

What is unknowable truth? Sometimes in our lives we cannot see what is obvious to everyone else. It may be an unfulfilled and improbable yearning to be a great concert pianist or the simple burden of loneliness or loss that has built barriers between us and the rest of the world. The subject may well be aware of such problems but cannot deal with them or formulate a course of action, because the problem is too close, too personal. It is easier to bury it and forget. So, we need a third party, an unbiased reflecting tool that can give us insights and practical routes through the forest. The Tarot is just such a tool. It is unbiased, unblinking and impartial. Synchronicity will always ensure its relevance. Even if we do not get the answer we want, some truth is usually there that was unseen or unpalatable before. In any event it makes us react to the question on a purely instinctive level. We may have forgotten how to be wise or foolish, cunning or vulnerable, stoical or patient. We may have forgotten how to ask, or how to imagine, or how to grieve. Quantum mechanics has successfully predicted the discovery of phenomena at both the subatomic and galactic level but, like life itself, it has only gone on to prove that the more we think we know, the more we realize we don’t know. But even in particle physics, a belief has been put forward that the very act of trying to observe or measure a particle changes it, changes its very state, fluctuating somewhere between solid matter and ghostly waveform. Instinct, synchronicity and will are all functioning but, in the end, the act of asking the question is as important as the question you ask……Mark Ryan

where are the answers?

This is what happens when you really listen. No getting around it. Magic happens. And the listening itself draws us below familiar logic into the realm of resilience embedded in our hearts. The mystery and power of life is always before us, though we often walk by it. I was in Barcelona drifting down La Rambla, a tree-lined street in the heart of the city filled with markets and vendors and countless mimes, impeccable mimes. I was stopped by two mottled angels, frozen as statues. Even their eyelids were painted, a metallic gray. The smaller angel had her hand out. If you put a coin in her hand, they both would move, gracefully, majestically, and the smaller angel would bless the giver of the coin. We all thought it clever, well done. A small crowd gathered and through our legs, a young girl came running with a coin from her mother. She was so excited to come upon two angels. She put the coin in the smaller angel’s palm with such belief that the young mime believed she had something to bestow. And with a quiet bow of reverence, she blessed the child, who all alight, skipped away. The angels turned again to stone. The crowd moved on. And I fumbled in my pocket for a coin, desperate to be blessed….Mark Nepo

6 thoughts on “an ancient synchronicity

    • wishing you the synchronicity of finding exactly what you were looking for when you weren’t looking for it…..with gratitude David….

  1. Isn’t that always the way … We are already blessed yet we constantly seek proof, we apply the coin and then the wave function collapses and we are left with particles (of thought) wondering why the proof leaves us just a little less fulfilled than we expected. If like McLuhan says – the medium is the message – then we will never find proof in the answer, it is in the question, in the asking, the coin, the gift is in the blessing, in the life, not what we take from it … May waves rise and carry you today …

    • this is why we need magic, the mystical, the numinous…..may we treasure those shadowed questions and dreams….we do not have to know…we have to believe…this is why we need poets….thanks for offering windows into the mystery of these questions every time you write g.f.s…..

  2. For many years, whenever a moment was that I wished to keep, I would make a basket of my hands and press it to my heart. I thought such would make the moment a part of me. Time has shown me that it already was…….. The blessing of love is not in the destiny or destination; it is in the loving that we know (experience) bliss (a moment pressed into the heart)….. Sweet reminders as always of our purpose, our promise, our oneness…….. ~ Love, Bobbie

    • this bowing of the head to heart is an intuitive blessing I think….our angels are within…..your beautiful gesture of connecting to heart space resonates deeply….may you find purpose, promise and oneness surrounding those prayers…..blessings Bobbie…

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