a sensibility to life with full breadth


We yearn to escape the demons of our subjectivity.

We yearn to escape ourselves, into intimacy.

We yearn to sense that we are in absolute touch

with things;

and we are of course.

…William Kittredge

is this happiness? open, ready aliveness articulates without words as we all know….can we reimagine a new primacy to our faith in happiness? may we relinquish possibility for a moment of innocence…..

In moments when we are truly alive, we experience life as gift. We also experience life as surprise. Faith is the heart’s response to life as gift. The heart’s response to life as surprise is hope. The more the insight that life is freely given takes hold of us, the more our life will be a life of faith, a life of trust in the Giver. Of course, that trust itself is gift: God gives us faith to respond to God’s own faithfulness. Hope is another aspect of that same fullness of life. The more insight that life is surprising takes hold of us, the more our life will be a life of hope, a life of openness for Surprise. In fact, Surprise is a somewhat more successful name than others, though all names miss the mark when we aim at naming the Nameless One. Life itself will purify our hope step by step if we live with a passion for the possible. As we go forward, the apparent limits of the possible will be pushed back further and further into the region of the seemingly impossible. Sooner or later we realize that the possible has no fixed limits. Hope is openness for Surprise. Hope is the virtue of the pilgrim……Brother David Steindl-Rast

to attend to the heart of all heart….

The idea of ‘kenosis’- the self-emptying of God into human form, into fragile, impermanent flesh, does not allow for such evasion. Which is why, for me, it is more helpful to call upon another ancient and beautiful idea: apokatastasis panton- the renewal of all things. We do not know what endures. We do not know how to orient ourselves to a world in which death seems always to have the final word, in which it seems everything is ultimately lost to us. Still, the hope of redemption and restoration persists. Honesty in the face of the endless ambiguity of existence will necessarily mean living with some measure of uncertainty and doubt about whether it is possible to even imagine such restoration. The idea of apokatastasis is a vision of eschatological hope noted in the conviction that in the end nothing, not even the tiniest fragment of life will ever be lost, that everything that ever was will be transformed and renewed, will somehow endure……Douglas Christie

8 thoughts on “a sensibility to life with full breadth

  1. Lizards tend to love my garage. This morning, my grandson showed up and wanted to catch one for him to take to school. We spent an hour chasing them about, laughing (me crying) before we cornered one and got him into a large jar. Were there other things that needed to be done? Anything more important? Not a chance……… He’ll be back in a bit so we can figure out what lizards eat. πŸ™‚ Our purpose is always present, and as easy as breathing in. ~ Wishing you a magical day of ordinary treasure. ~ Love, Bobbie

    • I’m spending the same kind of day with my nephew……exhausting, exhilarating presence…..the ambiguity is where the real beauty lies I think….we yearn to know and be with one another….thank you for sharing this…..I smile with this lovely image….laughter is golden Bobbie…

      • I could write entire books on these wonderful adventures (tent forts, lightning bugs, and one more story please)……..While my nieces and nephews are older now, they love hearing the stories of when they weren’t…..

      • I meet so few along the way with a vibrant sparkle….one that transcends the ‘other stuff’……such a gift you bring…..one more story, oh yes, Bobbie….

  2. Reblogged this on Life between the lines and commented:
    WOW! A magnificent piece of inspiration. One can be into self-analysis and reflection as I am and not be touched by this, therefore I had to share the beauty of this gift with you, dear readers! ENJOY! O! Happy first day of the week! Smooches! πŸ™‚

  3. Surely nothing is lost – in translation – even the human form breaks down into its constituent parts after some time. As Joni says, “We are stardust, we are golden …” so it is the only end is the one we imagine …

    • a great way to sense the laws of physics…..every particle with a heartbeat…..feel the big sky of self-emptying today g.f.s…

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