being in the flow of not knowing


There’s a phrase in West Africa called ‘deep talk.’ When a person is informed about a situation, an older person will often use a parable, an axiom, and then add to the end of the axiom, ‘Take that as deep talk.’ Meaning that you will never find the answer. You can continue to go down deeper and deeper. Dreams may be deep talk…..Maya Angelou

this not knowing is actually a deep sign of spiritual presence…..of an awakening to awareness…..our refuge is in the not knowing…..we don’t have to do it alone…..contacting that space of embodied connection allows us to be held….kindness is the only true unfolding…..

When depth is lived experience, depth cues also include parallax, a sensation that occurs when the perceiver moves. According to Gregory Bateson, parallax is ‘the appearance of movement in observed objects, which is created when the observer’s eye moves relative to them.’ But in addition to describing the perception of relative movement, parallax is a sensation within the whole body. It is seeing and absorbing the relationship between nearby willows passing by my body very quickly, the distant cottonwoods shifting through my sensory field more slowly, and the more distant red peak of rock passing by even more slowly. The embodied experience of parallax is volume. There is space, a full space, between these willows and those cottonwoods. By gazing with a little attention, the perceived volume is easily felt in the body, as if the spaces between the trees and rocks echo in the cavity of belly, inside and descending, moving as I move. The message is clear: I am in it- and it is both depth and flow. I am inside what Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi calls the best of human experiences……Laura Sewall

the ultimate homecoming

What is the relationship between flow and happiness? This is a very interesting and delicate question. At first, it is easy to conclude that the two must be the same thing. But actually the connection is a bit more complex. First of all, when we are in flow, we do not usually feel happy- for the simple reason that in flow we feel only what is relevant to the activity. Happiness is a distraction. So the link between the flow and happiness depends on whether the flow-producing activity is complex, whether it leads to new challenges and hence to personal as well as cultural growth……….Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

4 thoughts on “being in the flow of not knowing

  1. Love this, Blue. It is a reminder that we do not need to know everything (we cannot nor should we want to). In the unknowing, we find ourselves open to the learning that might have shut down if we thought we had ‘arrived’.

    Even in the midst of sorrow, something exists beneath the surface. A bright little flashing fish of hope flicks silver fins and suddenly we are returned to a state of love again by this sole reminder of home – until the next time.

    And rest assured, there will always be a next time. And though I may be submerged in darkness and misery, I will not remain there. And with each submergence (and resurrection) something is learned; something has been gained; and a new kind of love has grown. The most I can ask for is that this love, which is grown from countless failures, will continue to blossom. This mystery, a gift. And through the divine grace of knowing (and not), even our failures are redeemed and blessed.

    • this allowing life and trusting in the ‘unknowing’ is something that always leaves me feeling held…..I forget so often, and when I fall back into mystery, I am graced…..submerge in the clarity of the moment Bobbie….

  2. Parallax is a perfect analogy, or better yet metaphor, for perception, and the scientists don’t even see it that way … I am still struggling with McLuhan’s concept of the medium is the message. I think those who interpret his work, do largely misunderstand it I believe his point it that it is not the parallax but rather the ether that is the message…

    • love this…..reminds me of the space created through meditation……indeed, the ether…..a parallax as interplay…..where suffering and beauty co-mingle behind perception… are the rainbow g.f.s…..

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