light reflected as golden nuance


Those who seek the light

are merely covering their eyes.

The light is in them now.

Enlightenment is but a recognition,

not a change at all.

….A Course in Miracles

sensations of profound knowing lead us to paradoxical doubt and confusion… there anything truly definitive about mystical experience? can we live a good life in the simplicity of our lives? what invites sacred knowledge into our hearts? where is this limitless Absolute?

Experience is shaped by beliefs, and beliefs, in turn, are reinforced by experience. In examining beliefs about enlightenment, what has been learned from hearsay must be distinguished from what has been inwardly observed about he nature of self and reality. As with any myth, some people are inclined to take stories of enlightenment literally; others read them as metaphors of awakening soul. Experiences of illumination are sometimes described as a feeling that the mind and body are literally filled with light. Sometimes the whole universe is perceived as a play of light and shadow. The Absolute always remains beyond duality and relativity. According to the perennial philosophy which embraces both philosophy and theology, a timeless wisdom of divine origin has been forgotten. This sacred knowledge may be revealed either through its historical expressions in various religious traditions or by direct intuition and contemplation…..Frances Vaughan

where do feet land in the Divine Ground?

1) The phenomenal world of matter and individualized consciousness is the manifestation of a Divine Ground within which all creatures and partial realities have their being and apart from which they would not exist.

2) Human beings are capable not merely of knowing about the Divine Ground. They can realize its existence by direct intuition that unites the knower with what is known.

3) Humans possess a double nature: a phenomenal ego and an eternal Self, the spark of divinity within the soul. It is possible to identify with Spirit or the Divine Ground, which is of the same nature.

4) The purpose of life on earth is to come to unitive knowledge of the Divine Ground.

…..Aldous Huxley

6 thoughts on “light reflected as golden nuance

  1. It is remarkable how themes run through our lives. Last evening I was watching two new releases on YouTube about sacred geometry, leading to divine knowing, not from what we learn but from what we intuit. We cannot know except by direct experience, not by telling but by realizing every sense perception is ours to do with what we will. If I memorize the encyclopedia Britannica I know nothing but the accumulated beliefs of others. For example – Tesla did not invent the AC induction motor by reading books. He observed nature, and intuited the rotating electric field…. May light bring to you moments of true knowing today …

    • this directly relates to the ideal of God within us and ‘nowhere to go, nowhere to be’……the bliss of knowing all is as it should be…..we search for who we already are… you say, all of it intuitive…..funny how when we let go, it is through acceptance that we are able to ‘see’……thank you for this insight…..have a sweet, contented day g.f.s……

  2. On the morning drive, I listened to Seeing in the Dark (a favorite by Clarissa Pinkola Estes). Although she can say it much better, beyond ‘knowing what we know’, there is the challenge (it would seem) of allowing. In a culture where the medial mystic is not understood, it is easy for such knowledge to be doubted, laughed at, or feared. And yet for those who live between the worlds of the seen and the unseen (who accept such as a gift) there is no going back. Once we ‘know’, we can never ‘not know’. Beautiful post. I love the image from your trip on the Colorado. Through it, the river calls me home. ~ Love you. ~ Bobbie

    • yes, it was an amazing ‘deep mind’ trip…..luscious and old…..I love CPE…..her books are great in the car……when we weave our stories into our knowing, life flows more sweetly doesn’t it?….no need to explain…..and so true, no going back…..may you carry your knowing strong and proud Bobbie….

    • …and so the paradox goes…..moving lightly, twinkling….faster than time, slower than these languid days, faster than the monkey mind, and slower than the night’s flow into dawn…..cold white stars…..warm blooming white on black velvet…..yes, I think we’ve heard the call of those ancient white bones hanging upside down like dry river pebbles…..we need the rain…..wishing you wide, inky skies….blessings…

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