the potential in the rubble


Here’s the saddest story I’ve ever heard. A Russian bear escaped from the circus. The bear had been getting depressed, and the trainer had tried everything to cheer him up. The trainer tried special treats, toys. Nothing worked. The bear got more and more depressed, hardly able to even raise his head for a fresh fish. Then one day, the bear was gone. Escaped. Vamoosed. Absolute panic at the circus. A bear on the loose. Local villages would be terrified; the police would come in; and this valuable, much loved animal, could easily end up hurt or dead. But they found the bear a couple of days later. The bear would have made a clean getaway, never been seen again, except he was sticking to the roads. The bear had chosen to make his escape on the bicycle he’d been taught to ride. And so I look around the house, a house in which every single thing has been deliberately chosen, every single thing has gone through my hands and I have made a conscious decision, ‘yes, this is needful,’ and think again: All this is about to be ashes. What’s still standing between me and escape?……Edward Readicker-Henderson

and this gathering of intelligent, engaging, maddening, and confused humanity creates a sweltering beauty…..we cage ourselves and then we dream of flying…..may the sensual imaginings we hold feed the empty aches and lift our tired bones, light as dust…..

Attending simultaneously to what is happening around us and what is happening within is exploring the ‘maginal zone,’ a fertile state of meaning and transformation that stretches between the events that unfold around us and our own unique response to them. The Maginal Zone is a borderland, a world in the margins. It is a place of imagination. And it is magical. We enter it when we expand our awareness of our surroundings and let the surprises, coincidences, and insights we discover there touch our particular habits, longings, fears and questions. Interacting with what happens on both inner and outer lives, we find that aspects of our past, present, and future come into a new focus. We see other people, places, and ideas with more insight and compassion, and we feel more connected to a higher sense of purpose…….Trebbe Johnson

to see

my crow……..

after so many years

the white crow

I had been keeping as a pet

finally flew away

without a single moment

of hesitation

through the back window

blown open

by a gust of wild wind

last night

into the storm of

black snowflakes

falling down

right from heaven.

….Changming Yuan

5 thoughts on “the potential in the rubble

  1. O, Blue, I so dearly love this posting. Indeed, we design our own destinies. One of my favorite quotes (although it is sad indeed) goes like this – the only problem with having everything you want is having everything you once wanted. We build ships of fancy and forget we moved the river. ~ Love, Bobbie

    • You really evoke the emotion of this human trap we all stumble into…..I love to change my routine & fight complacency…..a great way to shift perspective & ‘escape’….may you always see the freshness of a new resting place along the river…..white skies & black stars Bobbie…..

  2. No one believed in the Black Swan until one appeared, and the world was changed. They continue to show up, and every time one appears, whether a war, an earthquake, a white buffalo, it rocks our world, and then we go back to being non beleivers …. They say collective memory fades within two generations …

    • Those cracks in the sky, in our stories, in our rigid beliefs are so good for us… a fresh summer rain, we need to renew again & again…..we grow so slowly…..may you know what you know g.f.s…..

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