belonging to love

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Surely This is Love…

I am intimately connected

with all that is. When you

water your roots, my heart

blossoms. When I see you

smile, that’s when I know

I’m fully alive. As you are

able to live in truth, I raise

the roof on this house I am

exploring. I throw the doors

wide, let the breeze blow in

the windows. When you

grow, I know it as my own

opening. You stretch, I

breathe. I give, and you

receive. Just beneath the

fabric of our lives, coiled,

ready to spring or budding

like a rose, reaching out to

embrace, or sitting, bathed

in grace and stillness-

this singing, circling, radiant,

one with everything- surely

this is love.

….Danna Faulds

the ‘chiasm’ of love’s great illusions are laid to rest when the possibilities of love’s awakening dissolve boundaries… is this space, felt fully, that inhabits the immensity of sacred longing….on this, my anniversary day; this day, this life, this love, reaches wide and full like the sails in a long cool breeze, knowing no limits, trusting its immeasurable source….

A butterfly glides by, golden wings navigating delicate air currents with a few momentary flutters before they settle on a white flower. The seedstalks of the grasses bounce in the breeze, while clustered wildflowers tremble on their stems, awaiting the humming insects that motor haphazardly from one to the other. Fragrant whiffs from new blossoms in the overgrown orchard by the creek stir not only the winged beings, but my own flaring nostrils as they reach me from afar, drifting like spiderwebs on the faint winds. My sensing body now vividly awake to the world, I gradually become conscious of a third mode of invisibility, of an unseen dimension in which I am so thoroughly and deeply immersed that even now I can hardly bring it to full awareness…..It is the invisibility of the air…..David Abram

the spell of love’s reflections

A strange passion is moving in my head.

My heart has become a bird

Which searches in the sky.

Every part of me goes in different directions.

Is it really so

that the one I love is everywhere?


7 thoughts on “belonging to love

  1. It is with the sweetest faith that we trust that which lives eternal within our soul. To know the immeasurable measure of love is know God’s grace, becoming more than words and wings. Let us soar without questionning the weight of the winds. ~ Congratulations, Blue. May your day be filled with reasons to remember. ~ Love, Bobbie

    • this delicate belonging invites us to be oh so conscious…..this is the life of gratitude…..may you notice the tender veils and every nuance…..sweet secrets Bobbie….

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