our immense capacity to surrender

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Men are not free

when they are doing just what they like.

Men are only free

when they are doing what the deepest self likes.

And there is getting down to the deepest self!

It takes some driving.

….D.H. Lawrence

the yearning digs deep into an unlived life…..to be made spacious and tender when we understand this humanness…..letting go into the pain is letting go into love, a paradox revealed over a lifetime of living and despair and mercy….may we forgive ourselves, hold and be held…

When we are suffering and turn to prayer, no matter what the apparent reasons for our pain, the basic cause is always the same: We feel separate and alone. We reach out to be relieved of this pain of isolation. Celtic poet and scholar John O’Donohue, in his book, ‘Eternal Echoes,’ writes, ‘Prayer is the voice of longing; it reaches outwards and inwards to unearth our ancient belonging.’ This is a beautiful description of what I call mindful prayer. We reach not just outward to know our belonging, but with mindful prayer we also turn inward and listen deeply to the suffering that is giving rise to our prayer. When we are willing to touch the pain of separation, our longing carries us to the tender and compassionate presence that is our awakened nature…….Tara Brach

something about the truth in vulnerability

Let it ferment and season you

As few humans

Or even divine ingredients can.

Something missing in my heart tonight

Has made my eyes so soft,

My voice

So tender,

My need of God




4 thoughts on “our immense capacity to surrender

  1. Prayer … Even the word itself has a softness to it that describes its meaning using only sound. What vibration then will raise our spirit, Ring within to show us to the soul, the connection we have to the all. Do we pray to know God, or for God to know us?
    Sending silent prayers of hope …

    • your hushed and sublime tone reveals itself in layers….like a poem…..it is the prayer you speak of…..may you find many quiet moments g.f.s….

  2. How dare we say we have loved if we have never known the sorrow…….or heard the beat of a heart half empty. Love leaves a mark on all of us – it matters not what left the hole, only that it is there. Let us sink into the blue green tears of understanding, and remember it was (and will be again) our choice to love – to know – to be known. Oh, I love this……..’to hold and be held’……. Yes, let us. ~ Love ever, Bobbie

    • to speak of this choice in love is so wise…..when we know we have loved, all else remains secondary…..to love is to have received the fullness of this life….I can feel the love that has sustained your words….be blessed Bobbie….

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