liminality nurtures our ideology of meaning


Human nature is fundamentally pure, egoless, just as the sky is by nature fundamentally clear. Clouds come and go, but the blue sky is always there even when obscured; clouds don’t alter the fundamental nature of the sky. Similarly, the human mind is fundamentally pure, not one with the clouds of ego and emotions. When a strong wind blows, the clouds vanish and blue sky appears. Similarly, when the powerful wisdom that understands the nature of the mind  arises, the dark clouds of ego disappear…..Lama Yeshe

the unintended matrix of comforts we shield ourselves are a form of purity….a condition of being human that invites us to look beyond these boundaries to ‘see’ in a non-dual mirage….our life is made of this weaving in and out of myth and discovery….may we always remember the possibilities of perception…..

I have heard enough warrior stories of heroic daring.

Tell me how you crumble when you hit the wall,

the place you cannot go beyond

by the strength of your own will.

What carries you to the other side of that wall,

to the fragile beauty of your own humanness?

…..Oriah Mountain Dreamer

primal habits of faith

It is neither the death of God nor the idea of existence as the sole source of meaning that has created the feelings of isolation, loneliness, meaninglessness that are so much a part of the twentieth century. This abandonment has a much longer history. And the loss is more primary. The very knowledge at the heart of being, has been sacrificed. No one escapes this affliction. In a culture that has banished experience to a world of meaninglessness, the loss is general and touches everyone. But what is also equally distributed among us all is another sense of power that is folded within being. And this power is not lonely. One day, taking a pause from this writing, I step out of my back door. I am tired, my thoughts unfocused. I stand dazed for a few seconds. Then I look toward a corner of the garden where the afternoon light has an extraordinary clarity. It is late October, the northern California colors are browning, and everywhere, scattered among the evergreens, are russets, yellows, burnished by this light. The air is newly cold. All this cuts into me with an intense force. For several moments I am transfixed. And I am not the same. I have been entered, ignited by this light, changed by this place……Susan Griffin

4 thoughts on “liminality nurtures our ideology of meaning

  1. If there is one thing I have learned from nature, it is to seek wisdom in the smallest things. Saturday afternoon, I spent almost an hour watching as two wrens journeyed through the process of courtship on the weathered railing outside my window. She danced and flirted and he walked and then surrendered. She wiggled and skirted before flying away. And he walked. In this precious meeting of truth (love), my soul was blessed with more than could ever be committed to a video game or a movie. In this, they expanded their world to include me. Colors are forever changing to remember us the same. Let us float beyond what we know, into the world of what we should (instead) sense. Always, we are learning our way to light. I so appreciate these gifts you give – the starting of the day – with clouds of blue. ~ Love ever, Bobbie

    • your vigil is so inspiring……that sweet attention given to being… these reminders to ‘move into’….deeper, and yes more colorful…..ode to soulful living Bobbie…..

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