refreshing the heart’s intention

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Have you searched the vastness

for something you have lost?

…..Robert Service

resting in the embrace of exquisite eyes

Listening beyond our own silhouette, each thing we encounter is alive- be it a stone, a dragonfly, a symphony, or a peach. And each thing in its aliveness encodes and mirrors the whole of life in its own way. When we can listen, each particle of being, no matter how small, invites our presence and attention, so we might hear and feel the Universe through it. Despite our physical explanations, this is what enables us to hear the ocean when putting a shell to our ear or all of humanity when holding someone with a broken heart. When relating to what we encounter, we become more possible ourselves; able to grow from what other things see and feel. But how does a stone see and feel? Well, that’s the work of openness, isn’t it? To discover and inhabit many ways of listening, not just those we call human. I invite you to immerse yourself- through words and beneath words- in the deeper, fresher, eternal ways of listening that keep us alive……Mark Nepo

this birthday finds this old soul in deep gratitude for every sky that has opened the day, for every heart that has opened my knowing, for every moon that has opened the night……it is this tender cycle of time’s sweet remembrance that invites me into the pristine wild of my own heart-making….

We need each other. ‘The begging bowl of the Buddha,’ Catholic monk Thomas Merton explains, ‘represents not just a right to beg, but openness to the gifts of all human beings as an expression of this interdependence of all beings.’ Empathy is a sign of openness. ‘Jesus said one word, and a dead man sat up,’ writes the Sufi poet Rumi, ‘but creation usually unfolds, like calm breakers. Openness means that we don’t want to miss one moment of what’s going on, whether it is mind-bending miracles or the slow epiphanies of the natural world. ‘All real living is meeting,’ notes Jewish scholar Martin Buber. Joan Puls, a Catholic sister, calls openness ‘the attitude and condition that is at the heart of all spirituality.’ Be open like the monk with a begging bowl. Be open like a flower to the sun. Be open like the artist awaiting her muse. Trust your natural responses to the world. Walk the trail of the true human being. Let the miracles and the calm breakers transform you. Make the most of the deep in you meeting the deep in another. And recognize that like a monk with a begging bowl, your openness to the gifts of the universe is what holds you in its warm embrace……Frederic & Mary Ann Brussat

8 thoughts on “refreshing the heart’s intention

  1. To know life is to open wide, such that the universe pours in – oceans, forests, and tears. I think it is this simple allowing that makes our soul. I recall reading something recently about time. Mankind struggles under the weight of it. We know the month, the year and the day of the week. There are calendars and clocks everywhere. And yet, around us – the world moves – nature ignores the timekeeper. Birds are not late. Deer do not fret over passing birthdays, nor do bees worry about another night past. Man alone chimes the hour, and as a result, he alone suffers a paralyzing fear that nothing else endures – a fear of time running out.

    Today, let us hide away our watch and forget for a moment that time is anything more than a reminder of the moments we’ve lived to love. Let us join the bees in denial of the timekeeper! 😉 Happy happy you, Blue. ~ Love, Bobbie

    • Oh to flow with sun and moon….to simply pause in the day allows us to know our folly….we can breathe into fresh spaces and use the chimes to mark our calm inner bliss…..stars settle into heart rhythm…hope you’re enjoying some no-time on your porch Bobbie….lovely open sky passing by…

  2. Love the diversity of the quote from the Brussats. I would like to reblog that section with credit to them and to your blog. Is that ok?

  3. All the best on your birthday … I Will – The keywords for Leo, allowing you to bring through these truths, thought, feeling, emotion … There are many great alignments in the sky at this time …. May they bless you journey and light your way ….

    • a wonderful celebration of new beginnings…..always new, yes? funny, ‘I Will’…..yes, I spent much time ‘planning, renewing, ruminating, and determining’… it’s time to surrender…..with openness to shifting moons……and, as always, with gratitude g.f.s….

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