to heal within the blooming

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Caring for one another, we sometimes glimpse an essential quality of our being. We may be sitting alone, lost in self-doubt or self-pity, when the phone rings with a call from a friend who’s really depressed. Instinctively, we come out of ourselves, just to be there with her and say a few reassuring words. When we’re done, and a little comfort’s been shared, we put down the phone and feel a little more at home with ourselves. We’re reminded of who we really are and what we have to offer one another……Ram Dass & Paul Gorman

remembering who we are is the gift of love…..this is not a two dimensional humility….this is unearthing the sacred every time we offer our heart….nothing is transcended, simply lived and realized… the blooms in a beautiful world….

The call to service is a yearning from the heart to live and move beyond ourselves. Love, compassion, and gratitude lead many to a life of service. We all have, without exception, a very deep longing to give- to give to the earth, to give to others, to give to the society, to work, to love, to care for this earth. That’s true for every human being. And even the ones who don’t find it, it’s because it has been squashed or somehow suppressed in some brutal way in their life. But it’s there to be discovered. We all long for that. And there’s a tremendous sorrow for a human being who doesn’t find a way to give. One of the worst of human sufferings is not to find a way to love, or a place to work and give of your heart and your being….Jack Kornfield

the love lying below

Each activity of daily life in which we stretch ourselves on behalf of others is a prayer of action- the times when we scrimp and save in order to get the children something special; the times when we share our car with others on rainy mornings, leaving early to get them to work on time; the times when we keep up correspondence with friends or answer one last phone call when we are dead tired at night. These times and many more like them are lived prayer….Richard Foster

7 thoughts on “to heal within the blooming

    • the idea of ‘lived prayer’ is potent…..moving beyond a fixed point, beyond what we want or know… exceptions in the realm of the open heart g.f.s….

  1. I’ve worked with what some would consider ‘the broken’ of our society. And always, I encourage them to find someone else to help (don’t wait for them to find you; find them) . I’ve never thought (or for long) of the reason why it seems to help, other than it does.. I’m positive that for some, they can’t imagine anyone needing what little they can give. Sometimes it is no more than a smile or a comment to someone who seems distracted with problems, ‘gee your hair looks great’, ‘wow, I love that tie’……. We always have the power to change someone’s day by making them feel present in the moment. And unfortunately, of that power – we’re the only one to make it less. Yes, let us get out beyond our own shores and pull the ships across the storm. ~ Love to you always. ~ Bobbie

    • your light is clear… simply be that softness……funny how soft edges can really be strong and vibrant, like a respite to the hard edges of day to day living…gifts we share are like finding moss… to you Bobbie….

      • Unfortunately, we live in society that doesn’t know what to do if they can’t buy it away……… So instead, they turn away such that both are lost. 😦

    • we can always give of ourselves…..we always have something valuable for others….our hearts hold so many stories… all matters because nothing is lost…

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