seeking a soul-sweet initiation


The more I go into I, the more I fall out of I.

….Ken Wilber

the edgy realm where ego meets spirit considers no dream too harsh to unfold, no mystery too deep to find essence, and no beauty too still to breathe in the light…..with that wide open heart, we are made ready to pray again and again…..lean into the precipice…

Surrender is a form, as in the form of a sonnet, which allows great beauty to arise. It is a form that allows transcendence of form. The abuse of the practice of surrender, arises when we mistake any part for the whole, in whatever form that part may be. The abuse of the practice is actually a case of pseudo-surrender, an act undertaken by an ego usually anxious to be ‘rescued’ to maintain its stance of separateness, but somehow in a more ‘godlike’ way. The ranks of spiritual seekers are filled with those who have not yet reached the developmental point of a strong and mature ego and are hoping surrender to a teacher or to a practice will magically help them circumvent the necessary steps of growth. It is only a transpersonal aspect of each of us, flashing into consciousness however momentarily, that allows us to make the commitment to surrender. True surrender, and nothing less, is a certain indication that one has recognized, finally, one’s own vaster and deeper being, one’s own Essential Nature……Kathleen Dowling Singh

can’t run from the soul

‘Who dies?’ It is because you believe that you are born that you fear death. Who is it that was born? Who is it that dies? Look within. What was your face before you were born? Who you are, in reality, was never born and never dies. Let go of who you think you are and become who you have always been…..Stephen Levine

4 thoughts on “seeking a soul-sweet initiation

    • I wonder if this is the fairie realm…nothing less than mystical remembrance…..letting go into wings….may you know surrender by the wild wood Bobbie….

  1. I have always been partial to the Way of the Fool. Often I find what seems a long pause, when the reality is that the teacher who was waiting always appears in some form … Not always flesh an bone … May the true Self be felt by you today …

    • Love the sweet trickery….no, we don’t have to know reality in our bones….without hiding, we can sink through by osmosis to that ‘I’….our prayers find us…..another kindness for your pocket g.f.s…..

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