deep sigh into the broken places


Break up your fallow ground.

….Jeremiah 4:3

there’s always trouble along the way, a frustration, a disappointment…..these are the constants, the reason our pause in the day is so sweet, so nurturing, so soul-kissed……funny how the rain washes us clean and gathers in puddles around our feet…

Our lives have their own trajectory. No matter how hard you try to orchestrate your day, it seems to have its own composition. A large or different structure is operating through us. I’m not even talking about the divine here. We run into traffic, rain, our windshield wiper doesn’t work, our son’s teacher wants to meet with us, a rose is blooming outside our door, tuna is suddenly on sale at the local grocery, a headache, a moment we open the back door and flash on our dead brother, other people’s needs, an unplanned phone call, our cat is sick- these are lucky interruptions. For some people, bombs drop, earthquakes rumble, a lump in the breast is discovered, or a hint is detected that our forty-year marriage is about to collapse. This is the daily, seemingly chaotic picture. You also look back five, ten years and see there was an order to what unfolded or a cause and effect. It wasn’t so out of the blue that you stopped speaking to an old friend or the country had a mortgage catastrophe. Don’t fight what you think are obstacles…..Natalie Goldberg

skidding into home

A Strange New Cottage in Berkeley

All afternoon cutting bramble blackberries

off a tottering brown fence

under a low branch with its rotten old

apricots miscellaneous

under the leaves,

fixing the drip in the intricate gut

machinery of a new toilet;

found a good coffeepot in the vines by the porch,

rolled a big tire out of the scarlet bushes,

hid my marijuana;

wet the flowers, playing the sunlit water each to each,

returning for godly extra drops for the string beans

and daisies; three times walked round the grass

and sighed absently:

my reward, when the garden fed me

its plums from the form of a small tree in the corner,

an angel thoughtful of my stomach,

and my dry and love-

lorn tongue.

….Allen Ginsberg

7 thoughts on “deep sigh into the broken places

  1. What life’s brings is always a gift, no matter what we have planned or thought we could will. Maybe the graveyard turns out lumpy, or we get a flat tire on the way to work, are we being told to slow down? Messages from the universe … Ye that have ears let them hear …

  2. I’ve always waited to understand the lesson – when I get a coffee I didn’t order or turn at the wrong place – the waiting reveals me to the place that was waiting my arrival. If I never learned, it’s because I stopped paying attention……….

    This morning’s class ended with a conversation with a couple who feel at wits end about what to do to correct the past (which cannot be done). I sat in my car and wept for them both, after giving them the only advise I knew how to give – breathe, grow, take a step, move away from the choices of the past by finding something in the future worth moving far. Trials are but stones on the way. May this day have smaller stones, my friend………. ~ Love, Bobbie

    • your presence, care and inner light cannot fail Bobbie….your tears are communal tears, and solace is the balm…….such a beautiful respite you are……

  3. We get glimpses along the years of a pattern, but it seems like being on the wrong side of a tapestry with the threads all running piggly wiggly. I so look forward to seeing life right side up.

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