an authenticity of first light


The bad news is that you are falling through the air,

there is nothing to hang on to,

and you have no parachute.

The good news is that there is no ground.

….Trungpa Rinpoche

and then there was your own soul looking back at you….without the judgment, without the anger, without the abyss to the heart…..however, that does not allow us to not be accountable, to not be discerning, to not be ignorant……we learn how to hold space for our brokenness…..with tenderness, understanding, and wise reflection….

The divine lay siege upon the soul in order to make her new and to make her divine, stripping her of habitual affections and attachments to the old self to which she had been reconciled. The divine disentangles and dissolves her spiritual substance, absorbing it in deep darkness. In the face of her own misery, the soul feels herself coming undone and melting away in a cruel spiritual death. It is as if the soul were being swallowed by a beast and disintegrating in the darkness of its belly, like Jonah when he was trapped inside the whale. She must abide in the tomb of dark death until the spiritual resurrection she is hoping for alights…..Mirabai Starr

to find touch

Sometimes you need the ocean light,

and colors you’ve never seen before

painted through the evening sky.

Sometimes you need your God

to be a simple invitation,

not a telling word of wisdom.

Sometimes you need only the first shyness

that comes from being shown things

far beyond your understanding,

so that you can fly and become free

by being still and by being still here.

And then there are times you need to be

brought to ground by touch

and touch alone.

To know those arms around you

and to make your home in the world

just by being wanted.

To see those eyes looking back at you,

as eyes should see you at last,

seeing you, as you always wanted to be seen,

seeing you, as you yourself

had always wanted to see the world.

…..David Whyte

2 thoughts on “an authenticity of first light

  1. As a teacher of the broken, I struggle to help my students see the beauty I see in them. The place where I teach has no mirrors, and so I take one……….and we sit beneath the shade trees and let the light pour through the limbs, surrounding in light……through the brokenness and along the fault line of scars. Unfortunately, I don’t do this enough with myself. I look in the mirror and only see the faults………but I am getting better at knowing where the light switch is and being able to say aloud, ‘you are forgiven’……… 🙂 Were our spirit but a baby wing, melted into the sun. We lean into the places our heart desires, slowing the beat lest we run. ~ Love, Bobbie

    • self-compassion is often foreign to us…’s a major theme in my yoga teaching as well……we do our best I think… feels as if we are bombarded sometimes….yes, to lean in…..may the care you give, be the care you receive Bobbie……

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