poetics of mis-identity

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I remained, lost in oblivion;

My face I reclined on the Beloved.

All ceased and I abandoned myself.

Leaving my cares forgotten among the lilies.

…..St. John of the Cross

the sham of the spirit lies in the denial of our humanity…..enlightenment is really about owning the reality of our daily existence….and transcendence is our capacity to bear the weight of each other’s hearts….may it be our calling to know what we do not know….

It is important to understand that the vast majority of us- regardless of what tradition we’re involved with and what practices we do- are unlikely to become enlightened and dis-identified with ego once and for all and then live happily ever after. Many modern Western traditions sell the promise of ‘enlightenment,’ but the product being sold is an imitation or of very low quality. Insight into ego is not hard to come by; many teachers can provide a direct experience of it. And it is stunningly powerful and beautiful to discover that we are not who we imagined we once were and that freedom from this identification is as simple as a shift in perspective. But to maintain such an experience is exceedingly rare. Moreover, such insight is but one stepping stone on an endless path to spiritual integration and maturity…….Mariana Caplan

under the layers of moon

Somewhere along the path we ran into a problem: reality. It gradually became apparent that many classic accounts of spiritual life are idealistic and unrealistic, not unlike the Hollywood sagas of boy meets girl, boy and girl fall in love, ride off into the sunset, and live happily ever after. Anyone who has ever been in an intimate relationship knows that something has been left out of that story. In short, spiritual practice turned out to be far more complex and demanding than it first seemed. True, there were many gifts and graces along the way, and the glimpses of our spiritual potentials were awe inspiring. But covering these potentials were layer upon layer of difficult emotions, demanding motives, compulsive conditioning, and countless old wounds, fears, and phobias. And ironically, spiritual practice often made these challenges more apparent and difficult to deny……Roger Walsh

6 thoughts on “poetics of mis-identity

  1. With the reality being that all those layers we need to peel back where destined and built up by our own souls over eons of time through the ego enjoying its experience of lifetime after lifetime. Some would like us to believe it can all be undone is a moment of enlightenment, which is like saying that the traffics light at the corner turning green gets us to our destination … The road is long and the gate is narrow that leads to life … We can have it if we will … But we must will, and that is the challenge and the goal …

    • It’s really a beautiful realization that we cannot define these spiritual realms very well…..these wellsprings of time you describe are only fathomable when we are fresh and open, and ok with the realities of our lives (Goldberg paints such a vivid picture for us)…..funny thing is, we have to define what ‘ok’ is…..may your will be strong g.f.s…….

  2. Of course, you would know I would love this…..

    It matters not what tomorrow might bring for in this moment, I am tasked to wake and know all there is (what I cannot). My typical morning walk is along a gravel road which I thoroughly enjoy, but this morning, I crossed into the small ditch where wildflowers flourish (this summer’s rain has left everything flush and thick). I took off my shoes and closed my eyes, and walked…….feeling love brush against me, trusting of both the way and the destination. My favored line from this post ~ enlightenment is really about owning the reality of our daily existence….and transcendence is our capacity to bear the weight of each other’s hearts’…… Indeed, let us lift with joy. ~ Amen (and a little woman) ~ Bobbie

    • I think these moments of sensual connection (feet in flowers, eyes scented with trees and light) write their own language of beingness…..this is where reality shifts…..may this divine trust always lead you home Bobbie…..

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